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LEM410 08-04-2016 09:38 AM

Google Classroom
I am the Director of Technology Education at my school. It is a new position and I am working over the summer to research ideas. My principal wants me to talk about Google Classroom at a meeting. He would like a goal for the teachers using Google Classroom this year. We don't want to bombard teachers, but we want to have a simple goal that will help teachers learn how to use Google Classroom and possibly start using it in their classes. Any starting points or advice? Thank you!

kahluablast 08-04-2016 10:53 AM

Have you looked at the google training info? It seems like they have some ideas put together with information that might help you.

Is your school one to one?

If I were going about doing this, I would set up a google classroom for the staff, run by the p or instructional coach. In a training staff could log in (like a student would to their own site) and start out with some sort of survey question for everyone to answer and submit. That would give teachers the first idea of how they could use the site. I would put copies of training docs that teachers were going to use in training on there with an assignment to read, and maybe a response required (instead of some of the walk and talk activities that we currently do). That would also leave a place for documents they might need later to refer to (and no paper to file).

iteachk2010 08-04-2016 02:00 PM

Kahluablast has a great idea of having the principal set up a Google Classroom to use with the staff. That is one of the things we are doing this year.

My school district is going all Google this year. Our high school and middle school used some of the Google Apps, but at the elementary level, we haven't. The process started in the spring when we switched over to Gmail and Google Calendar. Originally the switchover wasn't going to happen until September, but they decided to do the merge over to Google on Memorial Day Weekend so teachers would have a chance to get comfortable with using it before the start of a new year. That would also give the tech support time to work out any glitches over the summer.

Next, Tech Mentors from each school started the online self-paced Google training to get certified. The district created 5 positions for Google Gurus for the upcoming school year. Those five teachers will get paid extra to pilot Google Classroom this year. They have meetings scheduled throughout the year so they can relate how things are going, address concerns, share ideas... This summer the tech mentors were also invited to attend the Google Classroom training with the Google Gurus and administrators so we are available to help. (We can use Google Classroom-just won't get paid.)

I think it was back in May when our superintendent required all the administrators-principals, asst principals and supervisors to only use Google Apps. He started them out by having them collaborate using Google Docs during their "cabinet" meetings.

That is one key to the process. If you want to get your teachers on board, then your school leaders need to use it, too. Just like Kahluablast's suggestion-Our principal set up a Google Classroom for our school to use this year. I am a "student" in the class from the summer training. I can see that she already has announcements, several assignments on there ready for the first week of school.

I have a vague idea in my mind of doing an activity like Breakout Edu to get the other teachers excited about Google Classroom. I'm not sure how it would work. i.e. Give them some type of problem where they need to do a survey. Have them create a google form. Send it to three teachers. Bring the spreadsheet of responses to verify and then they are given the next clue. You might do some type of activity where teachers earn badges as they do different things with the Google Classroom.

Bassett lover 08-06-2016 02:21 AM

Google Drive?
Do your teachers understand how to use Google Drive well? For our teachers that was key. Google Classroom is so easy to use--our teachers who understood and used Google Drive naturally took to it after we showed them how it worked--our teachers who don't understand Google Drive have difficulty with Google Classroom. WORD OF CAUTION--teachers should NOT delete the Google Classroom folder that appears in their Google Drive once they use Classroom. Shout this from the mountaintop so!!

WordFountain 08-11-2016 10:59 AM

new to this...
I "sort of" used Google classroom last year. My goal for this year is to use it as exclusively as possible. What worked for me last year was that instead of my students handwriting in their journals, they would instead log-in to their google email and open a Doc. Then they would send it to me. I realize there's most likely a more efficient way to do this directly through Classroom...but as a beginner it worked for me and my students.

PS: I am very interested in hearing what and how you will be implementing this because my P has unofficially made me the one to turn-key Google classroom to my team since I dabbled in it last year (yikes) :-|

Susana002 09-20-2016 06:51 PM

Do not be afraid..
I started using GC last year with my students. This year I am using it 90% of classroom time. Its a paperless class, good for the environment and good for me as well, since I have a lot of flexibility for grading papers and keep track of students who turned assignments late.
There are many videos online you can watch and then start trying and clicking. I told my students last year: "You and I will be learning how to use this." And we did. My students uploaded their answers to quizzes, videos and essays..just to name a few of the activities we did.
I really enjoy using GC!!

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