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Patty 01-05-2017 02:04 PM

Chromebook Charging Stations
Hello! I share a Chromebook charging station with 2 other classes. Many times Chromebooks are not charged. So, I am thinking about purchasing charging stations for my classroom. They would need to be relatively small and my budget is about $250.00. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for any and all input!

Jenny 01-08-2017 09:17 PM

I researched a lot of different ideas for this when we added chromebooks to our classroom. In the end I sent the principal an email with some different options and he let me have the expensive one! It is basically a filing drawer with moulded slots for devices and fits ipads and chromebooks. I love it. Everything is away and tidy. I got the big version and I think it would blow your budget unfortunately.
Before he agreed to the expensive option though, I had plans to make something like this, I had seen it in action and I hate looking at messy cords.
I have also used dish racks before I got too many devices - They worked brilliantly for the ipads, but were too small for our chromebooks. We cable tied multi boards to them, and it makes them easily transported around the school.
I hope you find something soon.

jjj822 01-14-2017 06:31 PM

Cheap idea
Hey I had a problem similar and found a cheap idea by getting a dish drying rack at Walmart, some clips, wire ties, and a 12 outlet surge protector. This makes for an easy way to neatly plug in all the power cords and have a charging station in my room. Hope this helps!

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