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SciTeach2017 05-07-2017 04:55 AM

Do I have to take the certification test?
I've been a fully certified classroom teacher (4-8 math/sci and ec-12 sped) for 5 years.. I recently had a baby and can no longer deal with the stress of grading/ parents/endless paperwork etc. I want to do my job and go home to take care of my household. I want to apply for para jobs. Do I have to take an educational aid test? I'm already sped certified. What are other options in education?

twin2 05-15-2017 06:36 AM

The requirements for Title I Paras are either a two year degree or a passing score on the Praxis for Paraprofessionals. I believe you should be fine. It seems to me that the real concern is to have the ability to help a student learn, not that you know all about being a para. Once you become a para, you should receive specialized training on a need basis for individual students. For example, if you work with a special needs child, you may need to be trained for some of their care. That usually is a few hours, often done at school where you work.

If you already have your degree, maybe you could look into non classroom jobs as well. Not a thing wrong with being a para, I was a para. I just feel like you should receive a little more reward for your qualifications. What about instructional assistance positions, like a Title I resource teacher. You will have a lot of responsibilities, but not have to deal with some of the classroom duties. Also, there might be specialized teaching positions that won't be as stressful. My husband's niece has a newly created position going from school to school teaching about substance abuse. I would assume there are other teaching positions available that would get you out of the classroom. Also, does your school system employ part time teachers? Ours only does for pre-k, but I wonder if part time teaching positions exist in other school districts.

Ucan 11-28-2017 12:09 PM

Have you thought of working part-time? Some teachers team-teach; for example, one would work 2 days and the other 3 days per week. You might be able to find another new mom who would love to work with you in this manner. Seems to work quite well for those who can make it happen! Much less paperwork, frustration and still be "in charge" not to mention getting paid at a teacher's salary (pro-rated). These positions are not usually posted, but are created when a teacher approaches administration with such a proposal and it is approved.

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