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MrsDedicated 05-07-2017 05:56 PM

FTCE PEd and Elementary Education SAE

I start my first internship this Fall and I believe I'm required to have passed the FTCE Elementary Education SAE and PEd by December in order to begin my second internship and final semester in January 2018. I'm really nervous about passing all of them in time--especially considering the required wait time between attempts. I passed the GKT on my first attempt without studying, but I'm assuming that these tests are going to be more difficult than the GKT was. I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on specific books to study with.

Thank you in advanced!

SwissTeacher2 05-14-2017 03:43 PM

I did not study for either of those tests. I just used the practice test at the end of each study guide from the company that makes the test. The Professional Education exam seemed like common sense to me. People joke that whichever option is the most work for the teacher is usually the correct answer. You need to put yourself in that mindset. If you passed the GKT without studying then I think you will be fine. However, I WOULD take the practice test like I said and see how you score to determine if you are ready or not.

I don't trust the study books because they are made by 3rd party companies and may contain content that doesn't match the test.

MrsDedicated 05-15-2017 12:24 AM

Thank you!
Thanks so much for your response! That makes me feel better to hear you say they weren't too bad. I've just started studying this CliffsNotes PEd study book and most of it does seem like things that anyone at this point in their coursework of Elementary Education should already have knowledge about. I'm really more concerned about the Subject Area Exams--and in specific, the Social Studies one. I'm just really not sure how to even study for them. Seems like you're just expected to already have the knowledge. Here's hoping I've got it. :)

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