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Worried 10-28-2019 12:36 PM

Bad relationship with co-op
Hi everyone! I had a bad relationship with my co-op as a student teacher. I asked her two different times for a letter of recommendation and although she said she would do it she never actually wrote one for me and I think she was just saying yes because she didn't want to say no to my face.

Now, I'm trying to apply for jobs and I only have one letter of recommendation from my advisor during my student teaching. I'm worried people will assume that I did poorly during my student teaching and therefore my co-op didn't write a letter for me when that isn't the case.

Does anyone have some suggestions? I also transferred to my university during my last year so I don't have any relationship with professor who I could ask.

Zulbi 10-31-2019 06:48 PM

No need
Teachers are busy, I know many people are willing to sign it if you write your own rec- letter. Ask if she will sign it. I graduated in 2016, and I didn't have any rec-letter neither did my classmates. Every job I went to only asked for reference number and email.
If she says no! I wouldn't sweat it!..

ComeChildren 11-13-2019 04:09 PM

Well.... I agree with Zulbi's post.... teachers get busy. Don't take it personally.
First, a letter from your advisor is a good start. If you want to get more references, consider volunteering at a library, museum or school to build your portfolio. Some prospective employers prefer to see volunteer experience. This can even show commitment to a field.
Want to show more from your student teaching? Include lesson plans in your portfolio. Include student work from your student teaching. This can speak just as loud as a reference.
Happy Interviewing!! :)

blueskies96 11-26-2019 03:08 AM

I saw your post and like the others have said I wouldnít worry. Even if your coop doesnít want to give you a recommendation (which may not be the case but letís assume this) principals know full well that many co-ops give their student teachers a hard time sometimes. They look at qualifications and what need they have to fill. I had a bad student teaching experience but she still gave me a good reference when she got a phone call. I was so worried but it wasnít a realistic worry.

Fractured 12-12-2019 07:47 PM

I canít agree with most people here. Do not write your own letter of reference and ask them to sign it. That is unprofessional and unethical. You are asking a person to put their reputation on the line when they write a letter for you. Iíd try to ask the person directly or face to face if you can, or call them. Maybe hit them over Xmas break as this is a busy time of year.

I donít think it looks great if you canít get a rec letter from your mentor. If they signed off with your school that you should be a teacher, they should be willing to write you a letter and not just be a reference. Most places want 3 letters, some even want 4. If you canít get her, try getting a supervisor, a principal or anyone else who saw you teach.

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