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LoveMoo11 01-01-2020 12:34 PM

C4 Evidence
I am working on C4 and I haven't nailed down exactly what I am going to work on for my PLN and SN (I have got the assessment part figured out, I think). I have a list of ideas, but what I am getting hung up on is how I am going to show evidence of student improvement. Besides assessments, what types of evidence would be acceptable? I feel like observations, etc aren't concrete enough to meet "their" I wrong?

Zia 01-01-2020 08:05 PM

You're smart to look at it this way! I advise backward planning; start with the evidence and work out from there. I scrapped 9447847857483 ideas for SN/PLN this way. They were great ideas, but I couldn't devise that student improvement piece of evidence for them.

Athena17 01-02-2020 06:13 AM

For my PLN I used observations of master teachers in my school. I made a sign in sheet for other teachers to sign and included the date, class observed, and what I learned from them. I also made a form for students to fill out before and after that showed the impact after implementing changes in my teaching. I scored well, so observations were concrete enough in my case. I imagine they would work for SN as well.

LoveMoo11 01-02-2020 03:49 PM

Thank you! That gives me a little I don't necessarily need quantitative results?

LoveMoo11 01-02-2020 03:49 PM

Thank you!

Athena17 01-03-2020 05:13 AM

I would put as much as you can get in there!

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