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teachnbehappy 09-16-2012 04:46 PM

Word Study Grades
Hello All-

I'm struggling with word study grades. We have to give word study grades but outside of the weekly spelling test I'm not sure how else to get grades? What do you do?

crazy4libby 09-16-2012 05:34 PM

word study grades
My students have a word study notebook (composition notebook) where they record any work that we do together during our mini lessons in vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and phonics. For instance, we recently worked on alphabetizing to the 3rd letter and the activity included alphabetizing a set of 10 words that I wrote on popsicle sticks. After modeling how to sort then alphabetize, the students worked on their own with a baggy of sticks and wrote the words in order in their notebooks. I graded this activity. I also graded a synoym and antonym lesson that the students recorded into their notebooks. Once my Word Work Daily is up and running, the students will record any work they do during this time in their word study notebooks and I will grade that work too. It is independent work, but all the activities that I put in my word work daily are skills that we've already learned, so the students should be successful at the tasks.

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