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vika 07-13-2007 05:09 PM

Fishing theme
Alright, I've never taught elementary school before and now I'm freaking out trying to come up with a theme and bulletin boards and all that jazz so I thought of something I like to do - fishing. So now I'm hoping all you creative people are reading this and ideas are just zooming into your heads because right now all I can think of is "The Catch of the Day", something with "lure" in it and "Reel in a Good Book" or something to that effect. Once I see a few ideas then I can usually get in the groove. I just need a brainstorming group to help out and this group is AWESOME! I can't believe some of the ideas you all come up with. Those kids in your classes are so lucky to have such motivated and FUN teachers. I hope I can be one of those teachers this year. By the way, I'll be teaching 5th grade. Thanks!

AngieB. 07-13-2007 05:39 PM

Fishing is a great theme! You can decorate with nets and all that stuff. I did a welcome board once that was covered in blue paper, had a net draped across it, and said, "What A Catch!". The kids' names were written on fish cut-outs. You could also say something with the word "school" in it. (In Our School, We Follow the Rules)

2ndGradeDeb 07-13-2007 07:42 PM

I saved the following ideas I found on PT:

"A Sea of Learning"/"Work to Treasure”/Star students (pictures on starfish)/"Swim into Success"/"Fishing for Good Behavior"/"Fishing Buddies"
"Catch a Wave"
*For a background use blue paper, then twist green paper to make 3-D seaweed. You can use different shapes of white circles to show "bubbles" coming from some of the sea animals' mouths.
"Ms. _______'s 1st graders are swimming in the right direction!"
"Welcome to Ms. ______'s 1st grade class...swim on in!"
*You can use fish cutouts with each child's name on it. You can put a fish net up with the fish inside.
"Sea Star" -Student of the week
"Dive into Diversity" - You can use a lot of different colors and types of fish and sea creatures
"A Great Catch"/"Fishing for a Good Book"/"Get Hooked on a Good Book" you can put up a fish net and print out several different book-cover pics to put in the net.
*Instead of using marbles in a jar for a class goal, hang a string from the ceiling to the floor and hang small paper fish on it. Tell students that they will have a class party, or watch a video, etc. when the fish reach the ceiling. (OR use a large cutout of a paper fish and cover it with paper scales each time they earn one.)
*For an opening day - get to know each other activity, cut out some blue paper in the shape of a pond and put it on the floor. Write each students name on a paper fish and put them face down with magnets on back. Have students gather around the pond and lower a fishing pole (with a magnetic end) to catch a fish. Have them ask the student they caught a question such as favorite color, food, etc.
*Make an attendance board by hanging a small piece of net and having students paperclip/clothespin their fish to the net when they come in each day.
*Make a bulletin board of brain-teasers/mysteries called "Something is Fishy!!"
*Make a classroom job chart with a fish theme by putting job names on hooks and student names on fish. Simply rotate the fish each week or month.
*Use a fish bowl to store pencils, pens, markers, etc. on your desk.
*Use a fish bowl with student names written on fish to draw out names to call on.
*Someone on PT had a canoe in their reading corner for the kids to sit in and bought a giant fish pillow from Wal-Mart to go inside.
*Call your beginning of the day activity the "Catch of the Day."
*For treats during the first week/special ocassions, give out gummi fish or fish crackers.

There are many ideas on
You can also go to the Archive above for more ideas. :)

Weezer 07-13-2007 08:15 PM

Get hooked on a good book!

cherylhobbs 07-13-2007 09:17 PM

Fishing for Good Students
Fishing for Good Grades....

Make A Big Splash in Ms. ________ Class

Reel In The Big One

Reading Is Rainbows Of Fun (Read The Rainbow Fish and let them make rainbow fish using old CD's and tissue paper. The CD's reflect off the lights and make the rainbow colors. They love it, yes even 5th grade! Then tie in your habitats and etc. of Sci to meet standards.)

Oh you can have a lot of fun with this Theme

vika 07-15-2007 06:39 AM

I just got goosebumps!
THANK YOU everyone for your suggestions. Just imagining how my classroom could look with all of those ideas gave me goosebumps! Please, don't stop! :)

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