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bolthouse 10-14-2011 04:04 PM

I'm a teacher candidate and am having trouble getting into the classroom with how the teacher I have teachers her students. She is very much so a 'traditional' teacher, which to help explain she runs the classroom as a my way or the highway sort of thing. As well as, when asking questions to the students throughout her lessons she will not except any answers unless they are the exact ones she is thinking of. I'm a very 'nontraditional' teacher in the sense that the classroom needs to be teacher controlled, but very much so have student input in how some things are run. As well as, every answer is a good answer to me and I will except what students answer to an extent (meaning if it's inappropriate it's not allowed) and if it is an answer that is related to the answer I am looking for I accept it and encourage students to get to the answer I was thinking of.

So my problem lies in the fact that I have to be able to work with this teacher throughout the year to teacher lessons, etc and I fear that if I try to teacher the way that I believe and have come to learn how to run a classroom that my evaluations will not be completed in a manner of how well I may or may not have done; but rather how well I withheld my teacher's ways of teaching. How can I get into the swing of the way this teacher runs the classroom in order to fulfill my candidacy requirements for this year? As well as, not lose my own way of teaching?

Elmsprings 10-14-2011 05:15 PM

Learning Opportunity
Consider your placement as a learning opportunity! Try to be positive and keep an open mind. I'm sure there are things you might really like about the "traditional" teacher once you begin teaching with her. Being "traditional" isn't always a negative thing! I bet she has all kinds of tricks and strategies up her might be surprised! Also, be honest with her, when it's your turn to teach----tell her your plans and explain your thoughts and passions behind your lessons and methods. Keep a journal and document what occurs in your lessons---just in case you disagree with an evaluation. I'm hoping she'll be a professional and allow you to soar and explore with her students! Who knows...I bet you both might learn a lot from each other!

Good luck and happy teaching! :)

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