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Lenoral 11-15-2018 10:13 PM

Cutting Back On Subbing
I am so happy. I just got another part time position in education, and I will only be able to sub a couple days a month. I am so glad I am working my way out of it. I will finally have a regular gig with familiar staff members.

Substitute teaching is rough for so many reasons. It's not always the students that make it difficult. It's the politics, the dread of the unknown, and the day by day move from one class to another.

InTheZone 11-16-2018 06:47 AM

Congratulations on finding your path out of substitute teaching. I wish you the best on your new job. I fully understand; my goals and desires are quite similar. I am happy to substitute teach right now, but inside I'm enamored with finding my own path and fulfilling my other dreams.

Lenoral 11-16-2018 09:44 PM

Thank You
I hear you. Everyday I have been at the computer sending applications to prospective employers. I thought I was going to snap, but I persevered.

If you are willing to make the change, never give up because slowly the odds turn to your favor.

It's good that you're able to be happy with subbing. You probably have more patience than I do. There are too many things that can go wrong while subbing.

Good use of the semicolon by the way.

All the best to you.

ElemEd 11-28-2018 10:55 AM

Happy for you
Glad that subbing was a bridge to other employment in education for you.
It can be very useful that way when you are new to teaching, and need a 'foot in the door', or when you have moved to a new area, and need to network with the local schools to find a position.

I have used it that way myself.
This year, I have embarked on my 3rd stint of subbing.

Originally, I was a stay-at-home mom. My hubby worked 3 12 hour days, Tues - Thurs, and I subbed Mon and Fri (the high absentee days). It worked for us, saving the cost of child care, and keeping our baby son, then later daughter, at home.

When we moved to another state the kiddos were bigger, and I was ready to go to work full time. I had no school experience, and my degree was some years old, so I enrolled in a Master's program, and subbed here in the local district for a year. The next year I was hired, and I worked for 30 1/2 years.

Now, I've retired, but miss teaching. (It is hard to quit 'cold turkey'!) I have loved day-to-day subbing. I won't take a long term assignment, because I do like my days off to be with my granddaughter, or travel, or just relax. right now it is a nice transition from full-time work to retirement.

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