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dietcoke99 12-03-2018 07:28 AM

"My Handbook"
I hate to put this in a new thread because I don't know if it will get any replies, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

I must be really bored today. I'm off today b/c I have to go to the DMV.
I started a notebook called "My Handbook" (taken from the idea of the "Sub Handbook"). It has different sections for sub material and so far ALL OF THE INFO IN IT HAS COME FROM THIS LIST, believe it or not.

The sections are: pros/cons, general, templates/worksheets, and humor (so far).

So far I've only gone back and "analyzed" the most current thread, but I'm planning on going on to the less current ones, until I feel like quitting. I picked out the helpful stuff and put it in the notebook under the section.

I picked out the helpful stuff, of course, but believe it or not, I also picked a couple (one?) of the negative comments, that still somehow seemed helpful, somehow (?)

Pros: I put a comment from here about "variety." I hadn't thought of that one, but someone on this list said it.

Cons: Someone put: "kept out of the loop"

General: "I've actually written letters to school boards praising employees who have helped me." [I like that idea and can totally see myself doing this, now that it has come to my attention] Also, "The school was negligent in not making sure that I had the [emergency information]."

Templates/Worksheets: I'm going to put the sub note template that someone on here mentioned where you put a vertical line down the middle of lined paper and put absent students on the left and notes on the right - I also have a "Think Sheet" where s's (and honestly, I've even used one myself a couple of times) analyze their inappropriate behavior (it is actually quite good and positive, believe it or not) - I stole that one from a t I was subbing for one day :)

Humor: Teacher holds lesson plans upside down and says that the teacher wrote the lesson plans upside down!

I'll do it until the novelty runs out.

Any suggestions?

mrsd5 12-04-2018 03:39 PM

I came up with the sub notes. I've refined it. I now type it into my iPad in the notes section and email it to the teacher so if there is a problem, he/she won't be surprised in the morning. It looks like this:

Teacher name/class

Period 1

Period 2

And on and on.... These are for middle/high school classes. I don't do elementary.

All are extremely short and to the point. A couple of teachers have thanked me. Sometimes I write a longer note, then crumple it up and toss it at the end of the day. It helps to vent, but does the teacher REALLY need to see it?

retiredtwice 12-07-2018 11:39 AM

The schools I sub at give us photo class lists with the student's names. One school district uses electronic attendance and the other just supplies small wedges of paper to send to the office. It is very nice to keep the photo class list. On these photo lists, I leave attendance comments and comments for each class.

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