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subasaurus 12-17-2018 05:28 PM

Has technology gone too far in schools?
The other day I had junior high students looking up inappropriate sites on their iPads.

I'm surprised schools don't expect students will abuse iPads when their teacher is away.

Has technology gone too far? Isn't the fact that we have to worry about this liability unfair? I never had this problem until students were given their own personal devices.

Schools who don't block inappropriate websites or content are not using common sense in my view. It's kind of their fault if students are able to access inappropriate content. But of course they'll blame the sub, instead of students or themselves.

Ima Teacher 12-17-2018 06:47 PM

We have all kinds of blocks in place, but kids still get where they shouldn’t be when they really want to.

OneGreatSub 12-17-2018 07:59 PM

Yes, too much time is spent in class on these devices. Computer class has been replaced by all chomebooks all the time. I've been in plenty of classes in which students are allowed to use chromebooks as a reward when they finish (race through) other work. Keeping track of what each student is doing is impossible in a class of 30 elementary school or 35 middle school kids. High school? Forget it.

Ima Teacher 12-18-2018 04:23 AM

What you see as a sub will be different than regular class, though.

I have a set of laptops in my room, but nobody uses them when I’m absent.

Technology use is like anything else. Kids have to be taught procedures and expectations. When they violate them, they lose privilege.

kahluablast 12-18-2018 05:27 AM

And sometimes those blocks go too far as they don't have reasoning abilities. My dd had to come home to do any online work as she couldn't get to so many sites.

You can't protect them from everything. They have to learn appropriateness themselves,and that is part of the process.

Sirsubalot 12-18-2018 06:32 PM

Unfortunately, textbooks have become quite rare.

I see them maybe 10% of the time.

Chromebooks have made subbing much more boring over the last couple years.

Even in elementary school, direct instruction has been replaced with chromebook work most of the time.

The lesson plans sometimes say to monitor students to make sure they are not on games, but it is easy for them to quickly flip to the assigned page when they see me walking in their direction.

They give themselves away when when they are looking at each others chromebooks and smiling.

I miss the good old days when books were valued.

MaineSub 12-19-2018 04:37 AM

Technology doesn't replace the teacher. It does, however, change the way we teach. As one simple example, when the kids are using devices, I work from the back of the room.

Has technology gone too far? I don't know but I do know that our ability to use and manage it has not kept up--and I'm not just talking about kids.

Sirsubalot 12-19-2018 09:37 AM

Mainesub makes a good point.

My time at the gym has increased, as we see members taking longer at each machine due to frequent staring at their smartphones between sets..

SubMan 12-27-2018 11:59 AM

In schools/districts where I sub technology is a great digital divide in that substitutes are not allowed to access/use it. We always have to "ask a student to log in to show the video." Students who are accustomed to using technology don't want to do without and feel they are being punished when they are denied the interactive SmartBoard lesson because substitutes aren't allowed to use technology.

artladyhere 01-01-2019 02:32 PM

Sometimes I think that, but it has also made life easier for a sub. In middle school, teachers have posted tutorials and step-by-step directions for the students in their chromebooks and I just need to walk around and answer questions.

whatever 01-02-2019 10:50 AM

I'm torn...

We have all kinds of blocks in place, but kids still get where they shouldn’t be when they really want to.

Has technology gone too far? I don't know but I do know that our ability to use and manage it has not kept up--and I'm not just talking about kids.
I really struggle this. I teach MS/HS SpEd so my students are all different levels. I could really, really benefit from using tech to level the students for reading and math online. BUT, even in SpEd, the kids know ways around the internet blocks and things we have in place.

I cannot trust them to stay on the sites I request and do what I ask them to do...

Even if they are not trying to get on restricted sites, they go to youtube or google random crap or look up their favorite music idol....

retiredtwice 01-05-2019 03:54 PM

I've seen both ends of the technology issue.

I've been in two different classes where the teacher had in their lesson plan to play a Youtube video that was relative to the topic. Since the substitute logs into the computer different, the access is different and a lot of Youtube is blocked. Trying to play a 30 minute video in class that you don't have access to requires some juggling.

I've also been in a classroom where things were block and the students still find ways to access irrelevant or inappropriate sites.

Technology is great for teaching but the teacher need to stay on top of the students and their lesson plans.

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