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afmom2boys 09-14-2010 11:28 AM

Too much talking!
I've been using the RC approach for 4 years now. I am at it alone in a school of PBS... everyone here is constantly having to give prizes for expected behavior (and there are no consequences- everything we could do has now been taken away).

My classroom children know that when one person is talking everyone else should listen. We have modeled it and I remind them many times each day. (We have been in school 10 weeks now.) However the talking persists. They will interupt me whenever they feel like it. I can hold my hand up until I am blue, but if they have something to say they're going to do it. I have about 10 children out of 22 that are like this.

What would be a logical consequence to this? Any suggestions are dearly welcome!

Mrs. R :) 09-14-2010 12:38 PM

A couple of questions...

Have you introduced the Take a Break chair?

Do you have them leave the carpet area (if that is where instruction\interruption take place)?

Have you had a problem-solving conference with any othe interruptors?

I have more ideas, but I was wondering what strategies you've already used so I can give you some new thoughts...

rSquirrel 09-14-2010 04:56 PM

Were you sitting in my circle today?
I was just coming on to post about this exact thing!

Morning meeting took foorreeveer because I am constantly having to stop and remind and reinforce behaviour. We go over the rules every time before a meeting..and they constantly talk when I'm talking or are silly during the greeting. And we are still doing basic because they can't handle anything else. I have modeled and modeled...and nothing. I remind the same kids over and over. I have 4 with adhd...3 on meds, 1 not, 2 with global delay, and 2 others who will just not be quiet!

I have asked students to leave the carpet area because it is constant interruptions and talking. We haven't done take a break chair...but my whole class would be there<!--eyebrow-->

ugh help...i feel like I suck :(

Mrs. R :) 09-14-2010 05:20 PM

It sounds like quite the challenging class you have! I know that I have been there and and it isn't easy. It is really hard to stay the course when you have put a ton of work into the proactive pieces and children still seem to struggle.

Remember to tie everything back to your class' Hopes & Dreams and your collaborative Classroom Rules.

Have you tried Problem Solving Conferences?

How about Role Playing with the whole group?

How is your teacher language? Are you reinforcing appropriately (catch 'em being good!) It sounds like you are doing a great job with reminding language. How's your redirecting language?

It sounds like you are ready to model and teach Take a Break, as well a set up a Buddy Teacher. Remember you can have more than one place for a Take a Break chair if needed.

Set up those Logical Consequences if you haven't already.

Head on over to the RC website and research a few of these topics by reading someof the articles and viewing some of the multimedia clips.

You both can do it! I know you can!

rSquirrel 09-15-2010 02:26 PM

Thanks Mrs R
Can you be my buddy teacher? hahaha

I do have a challenging class...I also didn't include my one child with FAS and one who is a selective mute<!--eyebrow-->

I think introducing logical consequences is a good next step. We worked on our hopes and dreams yesterday and shared them today. I also made a point to remove somethings near our meeting area or on the walls there so as to make it not too distracting. It seemed to help in Morning Meeting this morning. I am trying really hard to catch them being good..but them come few and far inbetween <!--eyebrow-->

I haven't been to a conference so I am doing this all out of the book. I have piles of books to read and I seem to keep acquiring more!

I think I also need to introduce the take a break chair.

What do you suggest for role playing? scenarios to problem solve on our own?

Thanks for all your help!

Mrs. R :) 09-15-2010 05:39 PM



I am so happy that you are out there doing this ...even if it is on your own. That was me my first year...and I don't think there was a Magnolia Room dedicated to RC "back in the day"!

I will answer your question more thoughtfully, but I want to tell you I just came back from my DD's Open house after a full day of Presenting RC to my District (and various other mommy-type things) so I will come back to you when I am less bone tired and more clear headed.

Mrs. R:)

rSquirrel 09-15-2010 06:01 PM

No problem!
It is my first year of Rc and I want to make sure I do it right!

I thought of something else to ask..

We have only been in school for a maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. <!--eyebrow-->

In the first 6 weeks of school it introduces logical consequences in the third week I think. Should I still wait until then?

Should we do class rules first?

Also apology of action....I couldn't find when it is introduced in the first 6 weeks...they had info on it but I couldn't find it listed on a day.

Is it too soon to do that as well?

Its hard to keep all these books straight!

kbkar 09-16-2010 02:30 AM

I'm so glad to hear others are having the same issues as I've been having. This is my first year in second grade although I've been teaching for over 27 years. But this is also my first time using RC and I have to say it is challenging with the very chatty and somewhat disrespectful class that I have. I feel like I spend half of my instructional day asking them to listen and follow directions. I'm about ready to reinstate the old marble jar, which always worked well for me.

chasey 09-16-2010 08:03 AM

This is EXACTLY my class
They do not want to listen, pay attention, or SHut Up! Seriously I feel like I can't even teach this year. Hands are going up, or shouting before I can even explain what to do. This is not just for morning meeting. This is my first year "trying" RC, a school wide thing ( which more than half of us don't like).

Reminding them, doing it over, nothing is working. Is it MAY yet??
Sitting in a chair (ha) yep done that too. :confused: feeling clueless

Mrs. R :) 09-18-2010 05:08 AM

Okay... I see you have been inschool for a week. I am HOPING you are really using a TON of Interactive Modeling. Please go back and review the steps for that. Remember that in IM, the big difference is the children do the majority of the modeling, not you. It is a shift in focus from traditional modeling...also you should be using LOTS of reinforcing language throughout the day "I see how... I notice children.." and definately reminding language "How should you... Show me what it looks like to..." Until you develop your rules with your children, the IM serves as your backbone for expectations. It is not chaos...there are ways to behave and here they are.

You set the tone in your classroom. "In this class when we have something to say, we raise our hand. Watch as I show you what that looks like. What did you notice. Who can show mw what that looks like? What did you notice? How about when 2 people have something to say, what should we do then? What did you notice? How about 5 people? Who can show me what that looks like? What did you notice? Now, everytime you have something to say, you will raise your hand just the way we decided to. I'll be looking for that during Morning Meeting."

I set up my rules in the third week (b/c we had so many days off...Jewish Holidays, Labor Day, PD Days...this week will be our first FULL week, and we started Aug 30th!)

So, we just posted them yesterday. Now, I will develop Logical Consequences. But I have started to practice them already. When someone stepped on a book, and tore it, he had to stay in from recess for the time it took for him to help me fix it with packing tape. When another chatter wasn't following our MM rules and IM for raising his hand, he lost the privilege of sitting on the carpet and sat at a nearby table. He still participated in MM, but he wasn't able to sit with the class on the rug. He came back when we transitioned to Reading on the rug. These are 2 examples, but LC have been happening and I have been using the language of LC. You have lost this privilege because you are ... I just haven't introed them formally. Now when I do, we will have some examples to cull from that are real and fresh.

I think AoA goes hand in hand with LC, but I might wait until a few days later. I wouldn't put them together (too long of a lesson for firsts who developmentally can only absorb a mini-lesson for 7 minutes and then you've lost 'em!)

I hope this helps... START SLOW TO FINISH FAST!

rSquirrel 09-18-2010 01:28 PM

Thanks Mrs.R

You're so smart :D

luv2tch4u 09-18-2010 05:18 PM

Power of Our Words
I'm starting this book and reading the archived articles on the website. Will be peeking in on this group from time to time. Thanks for the inspiration and support.

afmom2boys 09-22-2010 09:17 AM

Thanks for your advice
Thanks everyone for your advice! Sorry about just getting back with you. We are on a 3 week break now and when we return I will use a lot of the "Show me how you____." I do use time out and logical consequences. Everything is running and in place now... the talking has gotten better (well WE ARE on break-hehehehe). Thanks for the positive reinforcement!

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