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Mayday6 05-23-2019 09:22 AM

I had some district bought equipment in a locked area for my classes. Only a few people have access. The equipment is expensive. One day one of them was missing and a coworker told me she saw ___________ with them that day. Hmmm, but no one asked me to use them and ___________ was gone for the weekend. So peeked through at their classroom and didnít see it. The equipment is rather large, but it can be broken down. I went home for the weekend, but I did not report it missing. On Monday ___________ did not come to work. All this time I kept looking in the storage area and even had a coworker look with me. The next day ______
came back to work and I asked her about it and she said let me go look in my things (what?????) and left the room while I watched her class. She came back a long time later and said I just donít know where they are and said Iíll show you where I left them in the storage area. We went in there and they were in pieces all over the room. They definitely were not there right before I asked her about it... Some questions on my end were asked professionally and some lies were told on her end. The bag is missing still and the materials now reek of cigarette smoke. She must have taken them home for the weekend. Do I tell? I locked the stuff up now where she canít get to it and my coworker knows they werenít in the storage area.

To makes matters worse is that this person does not do their job, but frequently blames others. I mind my business on that, but often get emails to ďcheckĒ on this person.

mom23kids 05-23-2019 09:54 AM

Are you going to be blamed for the equipment missing or being in pieces? If so, contrary to what others may say (don't throw your co worker under the bus) I would say so that you don't throw yourself under the bus. Time to protect yourself not your co worker.

whiteturtle 05-23-2019 10:54 AM

I would tell an administrator exactly what happened and let them deal with it. I would not want this person thinking it was okay to repeat this nor would I want the blame for any damage she may have done to the equipment.

Renea 05-23-2019 12:49 PM

It might be wise to share with your administrator your "confusion" about this odd "equipment situation", being careful not to accuse your coworker of theft or misappropriating school equipment. Most administrators would be interested in knowing how their equipment has been used. Asking how you should handle a situation like this in the future is reasonable and opens the door for your P to take corrective measures if needed. If the administrator has questions he/she can follow with the employee with any concerns. There is no harm in sharing your "confusion" about what happened to the equipment. You won't be making accusations or "telling on" your coworker.

GoodEnough85 05-23-2019 02:03 PM

This ticks me off!
Back in the day, when SmartBoards were new to our district and super expensive, mine was the only portable one with a projector on a cart. For several Mondays in a row, I'd come back to suspicious changes to the projector and/or cart.

Finally, one Monday a critical cord was missing. I reported my suspicions and the missing cord to the P. Turns out a school board member was using his keys to come in and take the projector home for "Movie nights" in his home every weekend.

He returned the cord when confronted (not until then) and I too had to lock it up separately but wasn't allowed to say anything to anyone. It wasn't technically "mine" since it was school property. So then I had to reassemble and connect the projector each Monday. I didn't have a place big enough for the whole cart.

Keltikmom 05-23-2019 02:10 PM

I would tell admin your entire experience. But first, I would find out how she got the equipment in the first place. Do you have the only key? This borders on theft.

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