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Hawkeyegirl1 04-04-2020 01:44 PM

How to Re-use a link for Google Meet
We have been told by our district to use the same link each time for our class meetings in Google Meet. How do I do that? On my own, I have saved the link to my desktop...

Thank you for your help! This tech challenged teacher really appreciates it!!

anonymouse 04-04-2020 01:48 PM

I post the link to google classroom and just move it to the top of the page each time. I edit it to update the date and time.

Hawkeyegirl1 04-04-2020 01:51 PM you have the link saved?
Do you save the original link somewhere? I did a class meeting on Wednesday. I went back to that link and copied it and saved it to my desk top. So...when I go to that link on my desktop, do I just open it, click the bar at the top of the page, and that's what I paste again in Classroom?

I hope this makes sense! Thank you for your help!

Haley23 04-04-2020 02:52 PM

You can click the link and join the meeting as many times as you want. We have daily "circle" meetings and the link is the same every time. Most people just have it posted at the top of their google classroom so families know where to find it every time. You don't need to keep reposting- make a "topic" in google classroom that says something like "Daily google meet" or whatever you want and then post your google meets link under that topic. You can click and drag that topic to the top of the screen and it will stay there even if you continue to make other topics.

Hawkeyegirl1 04-04-2020 03:19 PM

Thank you Haley23!
I appreciate you taking time to answer my question!

Hawkeyegirl1 04-04-2020 03:35 PM

Haley more question
Do you ever have students who go to the Google Meet on their own (not during a scheduled class meeting)?

Haley23 04-04-2020 06:45 PM

Ah, I forgot that was an issue with google. I heard they were "fixing it" but apparently that hasn't happened? We are actually only allowed to use zoom for this reason. In zoom you can't join the meeting before the host or stay/go back in after the host has left.

In that case, I probably wouldn't post the same link for students to have for that reason. I'd make a new link every day and schedule it to post a few minutes before students need it, and then delete that post at the end of the meeting. I'd still make the "topic" of "daily google meet" or whatever, and then just whenever you create the next day's meeting, schedule it to post in google classroom no sooner than 5 minutes before the meeting starts, and make sure you're in there as soon as it posts. That way students know where to look for the link every day but they can't click on it early/at other times. Students could always save the link on their own computers, but that would at least take more forethought on their part than just being able to click on it in google classroom...

Hawkeyegirl1 04-05-2020 09:10 AM

Thank you Haley23!
Thank you Haley23! Our district keeps giving us mixed messages (big surprise). "Use Zoom" and then its "Don't use Zoom, Use Googe Meet" and then "Wait! We're not sure about that!"

I know everyone is doing the best they can, as we all are. I think I'll just keep using Google Meet for now.

Thanks again! Hang in there!

1totravel 04-05-2020 09:25 PM

I discovered that your “room” stays open regardless of whether you have added it to a calendar or sent invites. While that means that students can enter it even if you are not there (something I hear Google is working on) it also means that once students know the link (post in privately in Google classroom , Seesaw, Class Dojo, etc) then you just need to let students know when to meet you back there next time.

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