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GreyhoundGirl 04-05-2020 05:11 PM

Well, Iím going to be up all night
I just napped from 6:00-7:45. Iím going to be up all night. Grrr...

twin2 04-05-2020 05:12 PM

Oh no. Sounds like something I would do. Hope you can get some sleep tonight.

kahluablast 04-05-2020 05:17 PM

I have a virtual meeting at 9 in the morning and I am already worried I won't be up and ready for it!

Goodluck sleeping!

Claire 04-05-2020 05:31 PM

I'm sorry that stinks. I was up late last night because of the dog thing so I'm going to have to set an alarm for the morning so I dont oversleep. Office hours start at 8.

Haley23 04-05-2020 05:57 PM

Oh, same here. I could not sleep at all last night. This morning I got up at 9 for a virtual "crafting and coffee" thing with friends. I was exhausted and thought about just sleeping in, but I don't have many opportunities to socialize these days!

So then I ended up sleeping from about 12:30-5:00. I just finished "lunch" around 6:30 PM :rolleyes:. I have IEP meetings from 8-2 tomorrow. It's not going to be a fun morning.

Ima Teacher 04-05-2020 08:10 PM

I slept for about four hours last night. Well, it was really this morning because the sun was already up. DH slept sitting up in the bed for like three hours while I watched tv tonight.

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