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ICrazyTeach 05-06-2019 06:41 PM

Yes! I feel SO appreciated
A meeting 45 minutes before the start of my work day
A meeting during my planning period
An hour and a half meeting after my work day

Yep. Perfect way to make me feel appreciated. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

And one is for something someone else is responsible for, one for a student who isn't even in my class (and most likely never will be), and one is for state testing. All I do during testing is try to keep my kindergartners as invisible as possible.

Zia 05-06-2019 06:47 PM

Yikes! That's a lot of meetings!

teachnkids 05-06-2019 07:15 PM

But teachers only work 9am - 3pm.<!--eyebrow-->LOLLOLLOL

ElizabethJoy 05-06-2019 09:27 PM


But teachers only work 9am - 3pm.

forkids2 05-07-2019 12:58 AM


But teachers only work 9am - 3pm.
Most of the people who think this wouldn't last a day in our jobs. :mad:

Violet4 05-07-2019 03:12 AM

Sounds familiar
Meetings that waste our time really irk me. Our principal had even said we have meetings because "we need meetings."

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