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smeag 03-15-2019 11:03 AM

3rd Grade - Writing - Demo Lesson

I am beyond excited that I was called back to teach a demo lesson. I have only taught grades PreK-1, so third grade is a bit foreign to me. However, I want to move up. I was asked to teach a 20 minute writing lesson to third graders. I was told that I will have access to a SmartBoard and the students all have chromebooks to help integrate technology. I believe they use Lucy Caulkins. Does anyone have an idea of a GREAT, but short writing lesson? I only have a few days to prepare.

Thank you in advance! :)

Linda/OH 03-16-2019 01:48 AM

If they use Calkins, can you google lessons or try youtube. You may find the perfect demo there! 20 min will go fast .Using technology sounds important.
And good luck. <!--goodluck-->

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