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TeacherPK6 01-22-2021 10:14 AM

PT Docs: Jaw/tongue pain
I'm not so sure if it's pain so much as discomfort/feeling tight or full or pressure. It's really hard to describe, but been going on for several days. It also feels like my tongue wants to draw back in my mouth. No other symptoms. It's kind of also like an achiness in my lower jaw and back of tongue.

My first thought was maybe it's stress and/or jaw clenching at night. This is so odd. I don't currently have a regular dentist (was in between, and then Covid happened). Any thoughts on what this could be and/or what I should do?

twin2 01-22-2021 11:15 AM

jaw pain
My thoughts are its probably stress, but anytime I hear jaw pain, I remember it can be a heart attack symptom, especially in women. My father's only heart attack symptoms were mild jaw and throat pain and tiredness. He went to the hospital because it lasted a few days, got a stent, and is fine today. That said, I am close to the age he was when he had the heart attack and have had jaw pain on a few occasions, thought about that, but never got checked out because I wasn't sure and have been fine. Hope your problem is nothing more than stress.

lacey2 01-22-2021 12:45 PM

Jaw pain
I have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, and have the same symptoms you describe. In fact, I was having those along with pain along my gum line that was so severe, I just saw my dentist about it. She found no tooth/gum issues and suspected it was just the TMJ and neck muscles spasming. I've been stressed out lately and am possibly clenching at night. A year ago I had some PT and learned some exercises to do that help with the tension in my jaw.

That said, jaw pain can also, as another poster pointed out, be one symptom of a heart issue. You might make a doctor's appointment to have things checked out. Just knowing it's not a heart problem would bring peace of mind. It is very likely something to do with your TMJ and other muscles in the neck, jaw, and face, but it is worth checking out further if it continues. In the meantime, you could try warm or cold compresses on the area to see if it helped.

Do you think you have any sinus pressure? Even that can put pressure on your jaw.

If it is TMJ disorder, things like exercises, hot/cold compresses, a mouth guard at night, pain relievers like tylenol or ibuprofen, and massage can all help. I hope you feel better soon!

BioAdoptMom3 01-22-2021 05:56 PM

Very often when I have colds, sinus pressure or a sinus infection I have those same symptoms, minus the tongue issues. I would at least call your doctor or go to an urgent care and see what they think.

Feel better!


dee 01-23-2021 12:23 AM

I was having bad jaw pain
Sometimes my jaw would lock.
Dentist referred me to a TMJ specialist.

Then I discovered it was from using my phone in bed!! It made my lower jaw be at a weird angle. Changed my posture, jaw's fine now!

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