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rdgteacher53 11-07-2017 07:36 AM

Reading Intervention Schedules

I am new a new reading intervention teacher after teaching kindergarten for more than 15 years and supervising an after school reading center for 6 years. I will do Tier 2 small group interventions as well as one on one Tier 3 interventions with students in primary grades K-3. Any one have a daily schedule they can share with me? We have 2 classrooms at every grade level and I want to be sure I provide support to all 8 classrooms.

Lillybabe 11-07-2017 06:43 PM

When I did Title I (did it for 3 years before getting RIFed) I just scheduled each grade level a 30 minute block of time and then took the lowest students in each grade level. However, since you serve students K-3 (I did K-8) you could do something like this:
8:00 K Class 1
8:30 K Class 2
9:00 1st Class 2
9:30 1st Class 2
10:00 2nd Class 1
10:30 2nd Class 2
11:00 3rd Class 1
11:30 3rd Class 2
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Prep
1:00 K RTI Support
1:30 1st RTI Support
2:00 2nd RTI Support
2:30 3rd RTI Support
3:00 Dismissal Duty

I of course don't know what time you start or end school, how much prep you get, or if you have to do any other duties.

I tried to keep my groups between 3-6 students but some got as large as 9-11. I was lucky to have computer interventions. I'd often put students on a computer intervention for part of the time while I worked on targeted areas with groups of 1-3 students. Sometimes everyone needed some sort of intervention that I could do with everyone like if everyone needed to work on retelling a story.

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