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broomrider 01-15-2020 11:03 PM

Yearly Advise
I try to stick this on the new teacher board every year. Long about now you are not quite as overwhelmed as you've been up to this point. Teaching is hard. Hang in there, it does get easier.

Now to the advise part. Start putting aside some money. See if your union or district has an investment agent. Even $25 a month can make a huge difference when you want to retire. Maybe save up your money for a year and take it to someone at a major firm if there isn't an investment counselor through school or union/association. Check out Tax Sheltered Annuity for public employees.

Increase your investment allowance with every salary raise. I am SO very glad I started putting money into investments (chosen by people who know what they are doing) when I started working and kept it up. Makes a huge difference to my life now when I can't really go out and add to my income but am depending on what I've acquired.

Take care of your future self. :o

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