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Haley23 09-07-2020 04:12 PM

IEP meetings where case manager and service provider are not the same person
I'm hoping someone has some insight because I know in some places it is common to have a separate person who is only "case manager." Here, sped teachers are case managers, so in meetings I am used to both running the meeting and being the person who provides services for the child/knows all of the ins and outs about the child.

Due to covid and cohorting rules, that's no longer the case. I'm case manager for everybody, but I'm only providing direct services for two grade levels. The other grade levels are having services provided by interventionists that are assigned to those cohorts (this is allowed under ESSA).

So for meetings, do I provide the structure of the meeting but let the interventionist who is actually working with the child do most of the talking about things like present levels and needs? Or do I use the information I've gotten from the interventionist ahead of time and present the information while allowing them to "jump in" as needed? This situation just feels awkward to me either way. I know this is common in other places, but I hate having to write IEPs for kids I don't work with- especially considering for some of the oldest grades, I don't even know them at all (if they moved in later).

In the past sometimes an interventionist and I both worked with the kid, but in that case I obviously still knew the child extremely well, and the interventionists typically haven't come to meetings. I think I'm going to have to do a lot of training on what it needs to look like if they do most of the talking. I am picturing moments where I naively told a classroom teacher they could present pieces from a parent/teacher conference in present levels, and they proceeded to spend 30 minutes explaining in great detail every piece of paper the child ever wrote on <!--eyebrow-->.

If your case manager/service provider are separate people, how does it work for you?

Lottalove 09-07-2020 05:54 PM

That is tough~
In my district, we are not using this type of plan. I haven't had a case where the other service providers were not already other SpEd teachers unless it is a therapy person. The therapists and other SpEd teachers have their own access to the online IEP programs. Interventionists would not have access to the IEP program online.

When I am case manager, I run the IEP meeting. Anyone in attendance can address their parts. It is almost impossible to get all of the teachers and service providers to the meetings. We are lucky to get one SpEd teacher and one GenEd at the MS/HS level. So I usually remind the others to go online and add their parts. If not, I collect the info from the other providers and present that information in the meeting. They do the written parts in the IEP through their own access to the draft IEP. They update the Present levels and the goals they serve. They do the progress reports for the goals in their areas of service.

Using the interventionists is all new territory. Covid has changed the way things work in your school. You all may need to figure out how it works for you. You may need to clarify how the interventionists address goals, collect data, submit it to you and/or chart it for progress reports and more.

Can you make or modify a form like the Parent Input or Teacher Input forms for evals/reevals? Maybe do a Google Forms so that you can send it out to the Interventionists electronically every so often?

Good luck.

readandweep 09-08-2020 10:22 AM

Case manager
I am in an area where we have a dedicated case manager for meetings.

In our meetings (across three districts IME), you, the case manager, run the meetings as our case managers have to turn in meetings notes, placement minutes, accommodations, testing (state or alternate) and related service info. They also have to document meeting notes and 10-day notice waivers or 3 attempts to contact.

The teacher or interventionist share out the goals when the case manager asks. Same with related service providers. If the teacher or providers is not there they have to fill out a form that the case manager reads and/or the case manager reads the testing results, PLOP and proposed goals.

If you anticipate them talking too much you can have them fill out a form in advance and go over it with them. I can message you a blank copy of our form is you want.

Haley23 09-09-2020 04:06 PM

Readandweep, I'd love to see your form! I think I might also invite them to observe a couple of my other meetings (our parents will easily give permission for this) for kids they don't work with so they have a better idea of what that section needs to sound like when they're speaking about a kid they do work with.

GraceKrispy 09-09-2020 06:47 PM

I have had the same experience as readandweep. I also think your idea of having them observe meetings (or doing a mock meeting, if observing a meeting would violate FERPA) or providing a demonstration of what to share when it is their turn to speak would be helpful.

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