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GreyhoundGirl 09-16-2020 11:34 AM

Doing her job or condescending?
One of the sped teachers in the other building I'm at has a student with para minutes. The student is doing great so they're trying to have him work without the para. I have students that desperately need a para so I'm having her support my kids. I'm going to admit this teacher has NOT made a good first, or second, impression on me.

This para is amazing. She checks in with me, offers to make PearDeck activities, goes above and beyond, and is just wonderful.

So, the sped teacher checks in with me to make sure the para is doing everything I'm asking, is meeting my expectations, and wants to make sure I don't have any issues with her. I just thought it was a little off. It was worded in such a way that I'd expect it from a principal.


teachnkids 09-16-2020 11:55 AM

Maybe the teacher and para didn't connect. You know how that can happen.

As long as she's working for you, I'd just respond and say she's been great!

GreyhoundGirl 09-16-2020 12:32 PM

That's exactly what I did.

GraceKrispy 09-17-2020 01:41 PM

Sounds like your response was perfect. In my former school, the teachers were partially responsible for evaluating paras and reporting to the principal whether they were fulfilling all the responsibilities set before them. Maybe things are different by you, but the teachers had to document what paras were doing (to help justify the need for them as well). If that's the situation, then that email wouldn't surprise me, although I agree that the wording you've described sounds a little off.

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