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rray 03-22-2007 12:59 PM

another math family fun night!
I have a Fun Night coming up...I am riding in on the theme the Title 1 Reading teacher did in the fall...she had an all-nighter on a night that the meteor showers were out...So, I am doing an hour, hour and a half Math Night Among the Stars.
Activities so far:
1. Ordered Pair graphs for some constellations.
2. Asteroid toss (Through holes in a refrigerator box rocket) (Addition of points, comparison with others.)
3. A game that I am making up based on "Get Off My Bridge!" Involving counting on, counting back...I think I will call it, "Shoot for the nearest Planet" or ...if I am in a certain mood, I am tempted to say "Get Off My Planet!" (LOL)
4. Cover the rocket with Attribute blocks
5. Make a rocket with Interlinking Plastic triangles.
I am looking for different idea...anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks, RRay

KP/NH 03-24-2007 03:42 AM

How about...
a number sequencing game? I'll try to explain my idea clearly. The numbers could be as large or small as you like. I've used a cut up hundreds chart. Find or make gameboards (Milky Way Madness with blank stars?) that need to be filled with number cards ordered from least to greatest. The trick would be to take random cards from the deck and decide about where on the path to put them so that later picked cards would fit. An example of a player's board might look like 37--58--61--67--84--92 depending on the cards chosen, another player's could be 17--22--27--65--83. If a player picks a high card in the beginning, for example 78, and chooses to place it low on the board, when they choose the next cards they may not be able to be played because they are less than 78, and the path of numbers has to be in sequence from least to greatest. If a card can't fit in sequence on the board, the player loses the turn. First one to fill the board with sequenced numbers wins. Winning would depend on luck (cards drawn)and skill(in placing numbers logically).
I've also seen a game called Rocket To The Planets. There are circles for planets. Each circle has about 4 different numbers in it, and the numbers are sums you can get when tossing two dice. Players toss the dice, and add. If the sum is on the 1st planet, they can go there, but if it isn't they stay where they are. In order to move to the next planet, a player has to roll and get a sum that's on that planet. Provides practice in basic addition facts to 12. Hope these help!

rray 03-25-2007 01:06 PM

I like the ideas very much...I believe that I will try them.

intheloonybin 03-25-2007 05:03 PM

That sounds... such a GREAT idea! There are many things you can do with stars and space.

How about making math problems with the distances of the planets or stars. Use circumference or diameter of planets. These can be found on the internet.

Thanks for sharing!!!

rray 05-07-2007 05:59 AM

tonight is it!
Tonight is the family night that I spoke of earlier...I have 9 centers and 4 volunteer helpers, so far. I hope that it goes well!

josephineg 05-30-2007 09:50 AM

so rray, how did it go?
Please tell!

rray 12-19-2007 12:28 PM

Late replying, sorry
I just was looking down the archive to see what was here, and discovered that I had never responded, sorry. :( The 9 centers went well, as far as the children's response--they enjoyed it. We had about 28 or 30 students. It was difficult to handle so many centers, but we made do. Actually, I neglected a couple of centers that were least popular. Next time, I will either recruit community helpers, or some good 5th graders.

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