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subteacher01 06-17-2014 11:07 AM

Wonderful children
I was recently at the track and field day of a school I sub at. I was there only as a guest, having been invited by a parent of a student/friend. We were with her child's class (3rd grade boys) and they were doing head to head races. I watched as one boy I'd taught in special ed was up. Well he's known for quitting when he doesn't want to do something so about a quarter way through his run he started walking. A few feet later he dropped to the ground. No worries, he was fine...just had no desire to do the race. All of a sudden 3 boys who had already run their races jumped up, ran out onto the field, helped him up and ran with him across the finish line, then walked back with him. My heart melted!! I've known these kids for years and I've always heard other teachers complaining about the group as a whole. I've never had any major trouble with them and have always known they were great kids, and that day they proved it. I'm still so, so, so proud of them.

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