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Skye Harr 06-21-2017 07:57 AM

Education/ Elementary Ed Vs Early Childhood Education
Does anyone know if there is a salary difference between having Bachelor of Science in Education/Elementary Teacher Education and the Bachelor of Science in Education/Early Childhood Education. The Early Childhood Education would be more of the Elementary setting rather than a Pre-K. I am trying to decide what way to go.. I really would like to aim for the younger grades such as Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Can anyone assist me in this information.

Haley23 06-21-2017 11:42 AM

As long as you're in a public school setting staying at the elementary level (not preschool) you would make the same as anyone else. In most places, preschool teachers aren't salaried and make significantly less; in my area it's typically around $11-$16 per hour. In college I did a dual cert program with SPED and ECE PK-3. The K-3 market was extremely saturated and it was pretty much impossible for anyone to get a job. I don't know of anyone personally who did without relocating to a different state. Even with my SPED cert, I still had to relocate because many people had also added SPED knowing how difficult the job market was. I was fortunate that I had family members who were teachers and knew about the job market going in. I pretty much accepted that I would have to relocate if I wanted to teach. Others in my program didn't know this going in and ended up never using their degree because the refused to relocate. Long story short, check out the situation in your state before getting a K-3 degree. I wonder if you're in my home state (OH) because from my experience most other states have K-6 degrees.

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