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Raccmbc 06-21-2019 09:24 PM

How to Resign as a Para?
So I am a library media para and I just found a new job. No problems with my current job, just that I need more money to survive. My question is how do you go about resigning? My immediate supervisor is the librarian on staff. They were the deciding factor in hiring me and they give me my review every year. However, my first thought is to go to the principal to officially resign. They are ultimately my boss so I know I should hand in my resignation letter to them. Nevertheless the supervisor dynamics are a bit confusing because even if I do hand in my resignation letter to the principal I don't want to offend the librarian as we developed a good working relationship, even if we are not close. I would still like to use the librarian as a reference (as well as the principal) so I don't want to burn bridges and just resign without telling the librarian first. Anyone have any advice about resigning?

Haley23 06-21-2019 10:52 PM

If you have the librarian's phone number I would text or call and just say that you appreciate her support and the opportunity but you had to move on for financial reasons. Then send your resignation to the principal and/or HR. If you have no phone number, I'd email both the librarian and the principal at the same time. Put something in the body of the email similar to what I said above and attach a very brief official resignation letter.

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