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Readerforlife 09-25-2017 12:01 PM

read aloud issues
Has anyone had a parent, on religious or other grounds, object to a teacher read aloud? If so, how do you handle it. If a parent objected to you reading, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, what is your policy? Do you abandon the book? How do you handle it?

Linda/OH 09-25-2017 02:50 PM

Harry Potter
Years ago when I read Harry Potter, one family would not allow their child to listen to it. During the read aloud, she would sit in a different section and read silent. It worked ok. She just missed the interactive part of the reading and enjoyment of rich characters and classic good v. Evil story!

Kat's Mom 09-28-2017 05:15 AM

audio book?
Can you go to the community library and get another title that the child can listen to with headphones while you are reading aloud your book?

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