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klarabelle 08-05-2020 01:24 PM

Big Brother & COVID
I read that some of the house guests had to leave BB but that the show will still go on tonight @9:00pm EST

hoppalong 08-05-2020 02:25 PM

It sounds as if production brought in more contestants than were needed and quarantined/tested everyone. That way, if anyone tested positive, there would still be others available who could play the game. I'm excited for tonight's show!:D

Haley23 08-05-2020 08:25 PM

Yeah, it sounds like they brought in more than they needed to start with. It is kind of scary that some of them still tested positive. First of all, they were quarantined for 2 weeks. Second of all, if they knew being on the show would be taken away if they tested positive, don't you think they'd be extraordinarily careful/quaranting themselves prior to that anyway? Kind of scary that they still got sick with those extreme protections.

I only started watching a few years ago, so I didn't know many of the contestants, but I was really excited to see that Nicole is on! I really liked her and I hope she does well.

Also, this might be the first time I've been actually jealous of the BB contestants. Normally it seems kind of rough- they're locked in that house all summer. Now, it seems like a vacation. They get to do all of that close socializing with all of those other people with no masks! In a 100% safe environment! Sign me up!

amiga13 08-06-2020 04:53 AM

I haven’t watched yet—too late for me, I’ll watch this afternoon—but I totally agree with Haley. Their confinement once sounded dreadful, yet now (at least here in California where we don’t have the freedom many of you do) being safe with others sounds like grand fun.

Alaska35 08-07-2020 02:14 AM

I am so excited to watch this cast play BB 22. I love that Nicole Anthony is back to play.

I read somewhere that Josh Martinez and Kaycee tested positive for Covid 19 and had to be replaced. I really didn’t want to see Josh on BB again anyway. His season and BB 9 were the worst seasons IMO. I think BB 9 was aired in February one year.

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