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Keltikmom 09-17-2019 07:01 AM

Weird teaching dreams
Iím into my third year of retirement. Up until last week, I never had another school dream. Since last week, Iíve had 4 and last nightís was a doozy.

I might be spending too much time on some of the PT boards.....

amiga13 09-17-2019 07:15 AM

I only remember dreams if I wake up mid-dream. I donít recall any school dreams at all since retiring 3+ years ago.

However, I did just have a great dream about being photographed and having Ann Taylor outfits chosen just for me. Even if the guy choosing my clothes was on the phone the whole time, it was a super good dream.:D

1956BD 09-17-2019 08:04 AM

Retired three years plus
Keltikmom, that is great that you have not had any teacher dreams until recently. I wonder what made them start?

I still have teacher dreams. They are almost always more stressful than a typical teaching day. I have know idea why I still have them. <!--eyebrow-->

LaFish 09-17-2019 10:42 AM

The night before I went to help out at my former school I had a nightmare! I dreamed that I forgot my supplies and was not ready for students.
BTW it was fun to help out my friends but it was a good feeling walking out to meet another friend for lunch.

Hideeho 09-17-2019 06:38 PM

I've had school dreams all during my retirement. I was't really ready to retire so I'm guessing my dreams are me just "finishing my career" LOL

No matter the dream, and I dream a lot, I can usually find something in each one that relates back to something that happened that day or recently.

Sweet dreams!

annie_g 09-19-2019 07:36 AM

I did have a dream it was the first day of school minutes before school started, and I had absolutely nothing prepared! LOL

blueskies96 09-28-2019 09:37 AM

I used to have dreams about being in a room with way too many students... but this actually happened in real life.

One time I had to hold down 56 students on a room ages k through 8th grade for an early pickup. It was awful.

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