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bookworm472 08-05-2014 03:01 AM

How do you use your SmartBoard?

On a regular basis, I have my "I can..." targets an agendas ready for the day. In appropriate lessons, I create interactive pieces for the students. When needed, I use it as a whiteboard (since it is the only board in the front of my room).

RebeccaH 08-05-2014 03:36 AM

Use it all the time.
I couldn't do without it. Use it as a whiteboard. Have all worksheets, booklets etc scanned and use it on the board. Use it for activities related to our topic. eg money this week I used 2 quick you tube clips. Two sites with a game on it. Then I had made up a Notebook ten smartboard file on money. The children in turn were able to put coins in order, move the right coins when buying items. Some I make up others I find on the net. Great for putting photos up and writing in speech bubbles.
Looking forward to all ideas.

dchawk82 08-05-2014 05:44 AM

Every subject. My entire reading, spelling, grammar, phonics, and math lessons are done on my Mimio. The interactive stuff makes it so much better than a boring power point kind of thing. My other subjects will usually get key vocabulary and a short game or video if I can find anything that works. Sometimes I'll put a game up in it for kids that finish early too.

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