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NCteach 08-26-2015 04:14 PM

Creative Smartboard backgrounds
Several of my colleagues have really cute and creative pages for their smartboards. I have searched backgrounds on smart exchange, but can't find anything that creative. It would be nice if they would share, but they haven't offered yet. :) Any suggestions for searching or sharing?

teacherfl 08-29-2015 11:58 AM

I use free digital paper either found on TPT or other scrapbook sites.

Roz 09-12-2015 09:35 AM

SmartBoard Backgrounds
Pintrest has a SmartBoard Ideas page. You might find some there.

PrivateEyes 09-25-2015 04:51 PM

Powerpoint backgrounds
Can be imported into smartboard files. I don't remember how, but you can look it up.

I will say that I prefer solid color backgrounds. I think all those fancy backgrounds are more distracting than helpful.

cal33 10-24-2015 09:53 AM

If you do a search on smart notebook there are backgrounds included.

kidsrterrific 11-11-2015 12:47 PM

Only limited backgrounds on Smart...
If your teacher friends are not sharing it may be because of the copyright(?) from TPT ( Teachers Pay Teachers).

Like a pp suggested there are free background digital files on TPT . Go to the main page, click "free" on the left side and then click on clip art.

There is also great clip art for free there. Try Krista Wallden, maybe known as Creative Clips. She has lots of free items and is my personal favorite.

Good luck. I find that my students ( semi retired and now subbing) really respond to a bright page.

You can also download items for free that help in math lessons if you clone the items.

Let me know if there is something specific you need. I have dabbled a little in design, just for school stuff, and self learned.

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