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musicmeg222 02-29-2020 06:34 PM

I'm curious about the brands and type of planners everyone uses. Do you prefer an electronic calendar through your email or on your computer or do you prefer a physical paper planner? I prefer a paper planner although various teachers and colleagues send me calendar invites through our email calendar. I like paper planners that are as basic as possible. I prefer them to be weekly planners with plenty of lines to write for each day. I don't like planners with the calendar lay out and having to write a lot of information in a tiny square.

I currently have a planner that was provided by my school. I have been writing in my lesson plans for each subject and use the extra space below for meetings, observations, and personal information such as appointments and library book due dates. I planned to purchase a new planner at the beginning of the year so I could use one for professional use and keep one for personal use, but I figured two planners would be too confusing, so I've been using the same one for everything. Now, I think it is a good idea to keep two separate planners instead. Plus, my school planner ends in June and I would need to get a new one anyway.

I'm curious what everyone uses for planners. Do you keep two separate ones or do you write everything in one? Do you write your lesson plans down in a planner or mostly use it for meetings, appointments, and other information? What kind of planner do you use? I want a basic one that isn't too expensive.

Give me your ideas, tips, suggestions, feedback. Thanks! <!--pcartoonflowr--><!--lamb-->

Haley23 02-29-2020 09:02 PM

I use google calendar for meetings/appointments. We use it as a staff anyway, so it's easiest to just add my personal things on there. I like that I can have different colors for different things. For example, all of my IEP meetings are purple, all of my duties are green, etc.

I used to use a paper lesson book planner and liked being able to have my plans next to me as I taught. However, it drove me crazy when plans changed (which they often do) and then my planner was "ruined" for that week- very annoying to have to go back and white out stuff/write over it. I also found the boxes weren't big enough for what I needed to write most of the time.

A couple of years ago I switched to There is a small yearly fee, but not more than what you'd pay to buy a paper planner. I love having my plans online. I can access them from anywhere, it's very easy to make changes without ruining the lay out, I can type as much as I want and the box just expands, and copy/paste as well as the ease/speed of typing vs. hand writing make planning much faster. This year I switched to because it's totally free for individual teachers. I liked the set up a tiny bit better, but not enough to pay for it when there is a free option out there. As far as having my plans next to me, now I just print out that days' plans each morning so I have a paper copy handy.

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