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basketball777 08-14-2011 04:38 PM

Can you share your Class Rules, please?
I start school tomorrow. I am wondering if people could share what their Class Rules end up usually being? Also, any suggestions for warnings/consequences. I have a positive behavior chart already as well. I plan to have the kids brainstorm a few rules in a small group, then create the class rules together, but I have never done that before. SO I was just wondering what your usual rules are. Thanks so much!!

teacherof45 08-14-2011 05:03 PM

Class Rules
My rules usually end up being
1. Raise your hand for permission to speak
2. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
3. Follow Directions Quickly and Quietly
4. Make Smart choices
5. Make your teacher happy

These are part of the WholeBrain Teaching/Classroom Management program and encompass every part of rules kids usually come with on their own.
Hope this helps

blesd1 08-14-2011 05:09 PM

classroom rules
These are the rules I am going to use this year.

1. Follow all directions and always use your best listening skills.

2. Keep you hands, feet, objects, and unkind words to yourself.

3. Do not blurt! Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
(Please do not wiggle or make unnecessary noises. I can see your hand)

4. Come to class ready with assignments completed on time.

5. Respect authority and the right of others.

Our classroom rules are easy to remember and easy to follow.
If you are prepared for class, respectful, and do your best, we will have a successful classroom and school year!

Curlgurl 08-14-2011 05:47 PM

1 Rule
This will be my first year teaching fourth grade as I've been a Reading Specialist for the past 5 years, and 7 years prior to that in early elementary. I've seen some great clasroom rules and a few not so stellar examples. My one rule for this year is... Respect yourself, respect others, respect your school.

I made a poster with RESPECT and then the 3 words underneath and then a few smaller ones with Respect 1-2-3 in them- for a reminder :)

Hope it works, I start tomorrow as well!

BetheChange4 08-14-2011 05:50 PM

Harry Wong says keep them short, sweet and simple.
Here is what I use...
1. Raise your hand to speak.
2. Do not leave your seat while the teacher is teaching.
3. Be respectful.
4. Be responsible.
5. Follow the directions the first time given.

For the first few weeks, we will take time to act out what they look like and what they don't look like. We will then act them out and students have to guess what rule they are describing.
Hope this helps!

marmar 08-14-2011 10:28 PM

1. show respect.
2.Make good decisions.
3. Solve your problems.

mrteacher 08-15-2011 04:36 AM

1 Attachment(s)
These are the class rules that our class came up with last year. I had them written on bulletin board paper and then hung them up in the room.

Read Aloud Behaviors

• Face the front/LP
• Listen & pay attention/focus
• Summarize in your heads as you listen
• Raise your hands for comments/questions
• Don’t talk!!!!!

Whole Group & Individual Behaviors

• LP Position
• Closed Mouth – Open Ears
• Eyes on the Teacher
• Raise Your Hand

Individual Time
• Quiet – No Talking
• Keep Your Pencil Moving
• Reread if You’re Stuck

Small Group

• Listen to partners
• Take turns
• Don’t interrupt
• Help each other – share – no cheating – cooperate
• Polite
• Keep hands to yourself
• Get the job done
• Everyone works


GoldenPoppy 08-15-2011 05:29 AM

Classroom Rules
I have one classroom rule:

Students may only behave in a way that allows the teacher to teach and all students to learn.

We discuss what this means in broad terms, then start to look at particular situations in the classroom. For the first few weeks, we start each lesson with a short conversation about what our classroom will look like and sound like during the lesson and work period.

We role play both the correct and incorrect way to do something. If the appropriate behavior is not shown I stop, we talk, and then move on. After a lesson we talk about what worked and what needs to be improved as a group. For individual students, I talk with each of them immediately, both praising and correcting, when I see something of note.

italiangirl8 08-15-2011 06:31 AM

I do two very simple rules that incorporate everything else:

work hard
be kind

FLteach4 08-15-2011 03:27 PM

1. Teacher has the right to teach.
2. Students have the right to learn.
3. Laugh with everyone, but laugh at no one.
4. Raise your hand to be recognized.
5. Treat school property as if it's your own.

I got these from a poster I loved on posterenvy.

TDuck 08-15-2011 03:59 PM

1. Use kind words and actions
2. Follow directions quickly
3. Raise your hand.
4. Be safe

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