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Persephone 11-17-2020 08:20 PM

Shattered Part 3
3 weeks and still shattered

Fallen from grace with my principal.
My principal is not speaking to me; not responding to my emails; not letting me do projects that I've done for years; not responding when I say "Have a good weekend."

My principal does not care about me as a person; does not care about my well-being.
Basically ignoring me.

If I'm such a monster, then why isn't he watching my every move?
Why isn't he checking up on me?

I have the utmost respect for my principal.
Just want him to like me and think that I am a good egg.

I do not matter and I do not feel welcome in my own school.

Starr 11-17-2020 08:40 PM

I am sorry.
I think you might feel better if you just plan to lay low for awhile. Try to limit interactions with the principal. Do what you think is best for lessons, but don't do anything that you need to run by admin first or get special permission. Eventually, something else will come up and they will focus on that and you won't feel so in the spotlight.

whiteturtle 11-18-2020 04:20 AM

Totally agree with PP. Time to lay low and take care of yourself. We are in weird and stressful times. We can't do some projects we've always done and some of it could be due to safety measures. Please try not to put your self worth in your principal's hands. Look for the good everyday. You can get through this and come out fine. Take care of yourself.

marguerite2 11-18-2020 04:22 AM

I am sorry. It is very hard when working for a principal who is not speaking to you. This I know from experience. I once had a principal who did not speak to me for months. But, he finally got over it.

As Starr said. Do what you think is best for lessons, but don't do anything that you need to run by admin first or get special permission. Eventually, something else will come up and they will focus on that and you won't feel so in the spotlight. Keep being cordial. Say good morning, good night, have a good weekend if you walk by him at appropriate times, but donít try to start conversations with him.

My first husband was a supervisor in a business. He always told me that I needed to remember that I can be friendly with the principal, but he is not my friend. He does not care about you like a friend would.

hikinghiker 11-18-2020 08:21 AM

Repeat after does not matter.

It does not matter if your principal does not like you.

Their job is to keep the finances of the school together, make sure your school is in compliance, and communicate with the board. The principal handles logistics so that you can do your job and teach children. That's why they're called an administrator. They are not your friend, or your co-worker, or someone to impress. They are the person in your school who handles administrative duties.

Let it roll of your shoulders. It does not matter if he doesn't like you. In fact, ignoring you is probably the best thing here. You're not a concern of his, or else he'd be watching you like a hawk. Let him throw a silent temper tantrum about the difficulty of dealing with parent complaints. That's his job after all.

GHVFAN 11-18-2020 09:42 AM

Must Agree
I certainly agree with the previous posters. If it were me, I would definitely fly under the radar, speak when spoken to by admin, and just teach to the best of my ability.

Your worth does NOT depend on what your admin thinks about you.

annie_g 11-18-2020 09:53 AM

I agree. Lay low. Do not do any lessons or projects that need permission. Winter break is coming. Just focus on getting through the next few weeks. Hopefully after the break, there will be other things going on and it will blow over. Try to avoid your P as much as possible and only speak when asked a question.

Violets2 11-18-2020 03:00 PM

Don't assume he doesn't care about you as a person. His job now is to hold the building together during this crazy time, parents, staff and students, including himself and his family. Don't take his actions towards you personally--it may have nothing to do with you. I've learned that.

We all make mistakes in this job and parents complain. Please forgive yourself. You do matter and have done great things with and for students. Keep your head up and put one foot in front of the other and get through this. No one can do it for you except you. Hang in there!

desert flower 11-29-2020 01:52 AM

Fly under the radar the rest of the year. Look for a new position for next year if possible.

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