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emgirl 03-15-2021 02:52 PM

Student with an illness
I have a student who was just diagnosed with an illness. Without going into lots of details this illness will be with her for her whole life. She has only been coming half days and is falling behind. She is supposed to come full day starting in two weeks.
Today she did her math assignment wrong and when I told her she immediately got a stomachache and mom came and got her and she went home. This is the 2nd time she has done this. She did a math assignment wrong a few weeks ago and then said she was sick within seconds of me telling her.
So any suggestions? I did text her mom and she immediately came and got her. But Iím concerned that if this pattern continues it will cause issues. I have talked to mom but I feel like she doesnít see it.

Coopsgrammy 03-17-2021 10:39 AM

I am guessing that this child (and mom) are overwhelmed, and using the stomach ache as a coping tool to avoid further stress. When I had a first grader diagnosed with cancer, any stressor caused him to feel ill and need to go home. I have also had this happen when children are diagnosed with diabetes. I am guessing that things will even out as they become more comfortable with the diagnosis and regain a feeling of control over their own lives. Until then, ask the parent for suggestions about how to encourage the child to do their best, and be patient as you figure out what works. A life-long diagnosis will trigger a grief process that must be worked through. It may take a while for things to level out.<!--green_hat-->

If your school has a counselor, please arrange time for the student to meet and talk out their feelings.

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