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beahappygirl 02-10-2009 09:18 AM

Lent is just around the corner. Any good ideas for lent? What kinds of activities do you do with your class?

kidsfirst 02-11-2009 09:42 PM

Alleluia banners
In the past I have had whole classes create Alleluia banners and then we put them away for Lent. This year each child gets to color in the word and have their own mini banner.
I have a simple alter area in my room. It has a purple cloth, some stones and a candle holder.
I teach K and I read the story of Benjamin's box before Easter. You can get it at Christian book stores. It tells the story of Jesus' death using plastic easter eggs and tiny figures that go with the story. I give each child an egg at the beginning of the story. As we read the story I tell them when to open their egg. They lay them out in the middle of the circle. When we are done with the story, they tell me what each figure was for as we put them back into the egg.
I also send home the resurrection cookie story. You can find it online. Basically you are making meringue cookies, but adding nuts, you get to beat the nuts like the soldiers beat Jesus. There is a bible verse for each ingredient. You tape the oven door shut at night, like sealing the tomb and in the morning you have cookies with holes in the middle.
I think that is right. It is from the top of my head right now.
I also have a bulletin board that has 40 paper stones making a path to the cross. I write a good deed on each one, and the students have a blank stone sheet they take home so each day they can write down a good deed they did for someone.
Thanks for making me think. I guess it is about time.
I am looking forward to seeing more ideas.

whitmj 02-12-2009 12:39 PM

We are having a Mardis Gras celebration on Tuesday. We will have different stations - color and bury the Alleluia, make masks, have a pretzel snack and talk about the shape of the pretzels (folded arms), songs, etc. On Ash Wednesday we will make crosses with hearts on them. On the back, students will privately write three things they will do for Lent (prayer, fasting, and almsgiving).
We will pray the stations during Lent. I am also going to have the students each take a station and tear out white figures and glue them on a black background to illustrate. then they will print the words to their station in computer class and glue them on to the pictures.

Debbie 02-17-2009 02:48 PM

One activity I always enjoy doing is this:
I purchased a grapevine wreath at craft store (pretty small) I had a larger one the first year I tried and one of my students said, "Wow! Jesus had a big head." (Yikes) Anyway, I colored a bunch of toothpicks brown to match and put the wreath on a purple cloth. I put all of the colored toothpicks in the wreath to look like thorns. Each time a student did a kind deed, they could remove a thorn from Jesus's crown. This really helped make a visual of their Lenten promises.
Prior the buying the wreath, I used to bake a bread wreath and fill with toothpicks and do the same thing. I just got tired of making it new each year, and like that now I can just take this one out each year.

crusaderteach 02-18-2009 05:51 AM

need help with this idea
I would like to use an idea a saw on this website awhile back. You create 40 simple lenten practices and write them on slips of paper and put them in a bag, box, whatever. Each day pull one from the bag to do. Some would be whole class activities, such as "say the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary." Others would be an individual challenge like "give up your afternoon snack." I am having trouble with thinking of that many different activities. Any ideas? Thanks!

read2day 02-18-2009 09:17 AM

activity ideas
1. Read the Bible for 15 minutes. Be sure to have children's Bibles available in the classroom.
2. Do not watch T.V. tonight.
3. Clean-up after supper tonight or set the table tonight. Any simple household chores would work.
4. Go out of your way to be kind to someone today.
5. Help someone today.

mbuk 02-20-2009 02:50 PM

I too would like some ideas of things that my students could do for lent. We did a similiar activity during advent, and the students enjoyed picking out a slip each day.

CindyLynn 02-21-2009 03:55 PM

Candle cross, prayer path, and Story Eggs
When I began teaching my father-in-law made me a wooden cross with 7 small holes drilled in it. The cross lays flat on my classroom altar. I place 6 small purple candles and 1 white candle on the cross. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, we light one candle each week of Lent. On Easter we light the white candle.

I also have a long sheet of bulletin board paper with 40 small stone-shaped circles laminated on it. We call it our Lenten Prayer Path. As Lent begins, we brainstorm people in our school, community, and nation to pray for and write their names on the stones. Each day during Lent we pray for one of the persons listed and attach a small paper cross over the stone.

I also make Easter story-telling eggs with my students. I know that you can purchase a set ready-made, but, I love that my students can take the eggs home and tell the story to their families. Here are the objects we place in the eggs:
-crown of thorns made from thin craft wire
-small wooden cross (I've found these at Hobby Lobby)
-pennies (soldiers gambled for Jesus' clothing)
-black cloth (sky turned dark)
-numeral three (three days in the tomb)
-small stone (stone was rolled away)
-empty egg (empty tomb)
-silk flower or small butterfly symbolizing new life

yowz 02-25-2009 03:51 PM

Story of the three trees and others
I used to teach first. I miss it entirely too much and have since moved on to a public school, but here are some of the things we used to do...

One of the favorites was the story of the thre trees. That is a great book.

We discuss it and trusting what the Lord has planned for us and being open to listening to Him. I was always amazed by the things these kids brought up during these discussions.

We used to Read, Color, and Pray the Stations of the Cross at least once a week. We would also pray a decade of the rosary once a day. Last year I think we passed a Rosary around through out the school and each week a different grade got the Rosary and prayed for a Different country for the week. That was neat.

Now we usually did this during Advent, but I don't see why it couldn't be done during Lent instead...
We made each other class some unique gift. I know we made fifth graders some cross necklaces (but that was for graduation) I dont remember all the gifts, but they loved making things for "the big kids." We also had something called the traveling Advent bag (easy to Change to the Lent bag). In the bag I had some books about the upcoming holiday or Season, an Advent wreath, a disposal camera and a dessert. Each family that wanted to participate sent in a note with any allergies in the family and how many family members needed dessert. The first night I made dessert for a family (usually the one with an allergy so I could control what went home). Then the next night the student and family would enjoy it and make dessert for the next family. I sent home a calendar so the families knew when to expect the bag home, how many desserts to make, and which family was next. This was a HUGE hit. I remember my first year doing this, one little boy asked a girl what her favorite dessert was so he could make her very favorite! It was so sweet! Families also took pictures of their night making desserts together or eating together or something else, but it was always together as a family... at the end it was so fun to develop those pictures and see them all with their families, in their pjs sharing a book or making dessert or something. Great activity. I miss my first graders!!!

t_ster1 02-27-2009 11:14 AM

I love your idea!
I used your toothpick / crown idea, but didn't have time to buy a wreath. Instead, I just asked one of my students to draw the face of Jesus on a large sheet of paper. Each child brought their toothpick up to me and I poked them through the paper. I didn't tell them what I was doing, but it didn't take long before they realized they were the thorns in Jesus' crown. It looks really cute hanging on my board and they are very excited about doing things to take Jesus' pain away! Thanks for sharing.

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