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kim26080 02-21-2009 11:51 AM

family literacy night
Our school is hosting a literacy night. Does anyone have any suggestions on activities that parents and their children can do?

nteacher 02-21-2009 12:03 PM

Our students made book marks and book worms.

Socks 02-21-2009 12:48 PM

Literacy Night
We did one last year that was really successful.

Each grade level chose an author. We chose David Shannon. We read a story by that author then the students did an activity. We read How I Became a Pirate and the students drew on a picture of themselves (taken as they came in) so they looked like a pirate then they wrote about how they became a pirate. After about 30-45 mins. we all went to the cafeteria for milk, cookies, and a bedtime story by the principal.

Each child left with a book from the author we chose. We gave out A Bad Case of the Stripes. The parents loved it and the kids had a ball!

imread2 02-21-2009 02:09 PM

Lit night
Our school has done a lit night for the past 3 years. K - 2 teachers plan and implement the entire thing. We start with a theme at the beginning of the year. All of us incorporate this theme in our Back to School bulletin boards. We come up with a variety of activities and the kids with at least one parent move from activity to activity. It's set up in a station format so the whole evening lasts about and hour. We begin by reading a story to the whole group to kick it off. Each child is given a name tag that puts them in a group. (a different name tag for each moving group)
We always have a book making area, this year another was to make a pointer to take home. They make some type of snack, we have a talented K teacher who gathers and writes songs and they each get a song book, then we try to think of at least one more activity. Each area focuses on the theme even the snack. It's lots of fun for all of us.

yowz 02-25-2009 04:36 PM

easy book making
An easy way to make a book: Need the paper, a hole punch, a rubber band and a popsicle stick. Take your papers (letter size folded in half works well), put two holes in them (not to close together, but not to far apart), put the rubber band through both holes, put one end of the stick through one loop and the other through the other loop and you have your book.

Studnets and parents can read a book and then work together to create a new book, create a book to summarize what was seen... many things

Chocolate1126 02-26-2009 11:53 AM

Family Literacy Night
I have been using a book "Family Reading Night"

We did a Family Reading Olympics last month (we are in the Chicago area so I did it in honor of Chicago's bid for the Olympics). I had 3rd grade and they did an A-Z race (list all the colors you can think of in A-Z order in 3 minutes), a Riddle Relay (solving riddles), Word relay (parents called out an animal name and the students had to run down the hall and find the printed word). I have a lot the sheets made up if you are interested.

SunDevilMom 02-26-2009 01:29 PM

Poem Posters
Our 3rd grade has done poem posters. Each student chooses their favorite (or writes one) and illustrates it using a variety of materials (done on poster board)...I have the parent letter and pics to send if you would like. (I cannot upload attatchments yet!) My email is...

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