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OK4U 02-25-2009 04:31 PM

RTI assessments
I am looking for some suggestions of tests used to measure progress in RTI (Response to Interention) in grades K-2. We are being asked to test our students every 2 weeks. I am finding it difficult to locate tests that are quick, easy and measure the skills I have been targeting. Right now we are using Dibels.

yowz 02-25-2009 04:41 PM

We use DIBELS as a screening tool all students take. Every two weeks we test the At Risk students. We assess Some risk students once a month. Everyone is tested three times a year. You can get the measures free online. I think you have to register though. I can't remember the site right now, but I'm sure it can be googled

lynnylubner 02-25-2009 04:42 PM

Here are things I've used:
-Star (Reading Level)
-Regular tests: Keep a copy of their test, and then tell what the class average was, this shows discrepancy
-Our school has Aims Web

I think it's insane to test every two weeks. Once a month, yes!

ms.gteacher 02-25-2009 05:33 PM

I have to test some of my students weekly using DIBELS. By them time I test and put a plan in place, I have to test and plan again. I do test some every two weeks and others are once a month.

suser 02-25-2009 07:36 PM

Progress Monitoring
Do you use AimsWeb? If so, they have probes that you can download.

dallasdeb 02-26-2009 12:27 PM

what are you targeting?
DIBELS won't help if you are targeting comprehension or strategies on running text. You can use a running record to specifically see if kids can use the strategies you've taught them, such as rereading or chunking words. It won't matter if you do it every two weeks then, because it is embedded in your teaching routine

TravelingGal 02-26-2009 07:28 PM

I have to
use the DIBELS too. I agree with previous post that they do not give information that is relevent to reading level. We have always used the PALS through University of Virginia in the past which I really liked but alas now DIBELS uuuugh. So I do IRIs on top of having to do DIBELS.

Dragonfly Gal 02-27-2009 06:20 PM

My county did DIBELS last year in K-1, and then they changed their minds this year to all of the county using AIMSWEB. We do three benchmarkings a year, and then, based on the results a caseload is created. The students that are in our caseload are the students we must monitor weekly in the areas of concern. These students are also considered as Tier 1 in that area. Both the test and progress monitoring takes one minute per area of concern. This does not sound bad, until you have "that class". This year I am progress monitoring 36 times every Tuesday. I have seen growth, but there are frustrations, just like most everything related to assessments these days. Good Luck and be sure to share your findings:)

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