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Jackie 07-18-2021 10:53 AM

Dog water bowl recommendations
My DD (damn dog)...He can't drink water out of his bowl without spilling it all over the floor out of the sides of his mouth. After he drinks, he walks away from the bowl and water just spills out the sides of his mouth. I have never seen a dog do this before. I am tired of following him around with a towel to mop up the drops of water. I thought it would get better as he got older but it's getting worse. I found this water bowl called the slobber stopper. The bowl and stand though are $80. Before I shell out that kind of money, I was wondering if anyone else had a solution or recommendation for a different water bowl that would help with this problem. TIA.

GreyhoundGirl 07-18-2021 11:20 AM

Aikman has like a 3 foot splash zone. Iíve never seen anything like it. He gets it everywhere. The look on poor Masonís face the first time he got splashed was priceless.

I bought puppy pads and put them under the water bowl. I bought a plastic sheet that you put under a babyís high chair and put in on the floor under his water bowl. Itís helped.

mommy9298 07-18-2021 11:35 AM

My previous lab did that. I bought a raised dog bowl stand and that helped. I used metal bowls with it and he did not slobber as much. I kept a mat under it.

arsabl 07-18-2021 11:46 AM

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My lab was a drinker and dribbler. I bought the Neater Feeder which has two removable bowls in a raised container. The container allowed for dribbles to pass through a screen into another container. Fewer drips, but I still needed a rug under the dish as well as a rag nearby to wipe up the walk away dribbles that happened.

Jackie 07-18-2021 12:01 PM

Thanks everyone. I have a mat already for under the bowls. My issue is how he drips the water all over the kitchen floor, into the dining room and into the mud room. Large drops of water are everywhere. He also wonít just drink til heís done. He drinks, walks away dripping water, comes back, drinks more, drips more, and repeat. Heís lucky heís cute because I want to strangle him.

love_to_learn 07-18-2021 12:21 PM

We bought what arsabl posted and it has helped a ton! It's not perfect, but it makes a difference. My dogs also like to drink and walk away while they drool out water. LOL

ETA: We got ours on Chewy. It might not be the exact same brand, but it looks the same.

h0kie 07-18-2021 12:28 PM

Swift is a water dribbler, too. LOL Apparently itís common in labs. Yaaaaaay. :rolleyes: I just keep a microfiber type mop in the kitchen and mop behind him.

twin2 07-18-2021 01:55 PM

Haley too!
Haley is a member of the dog dribbler club as well! We have a mat under her raised dish but she slops water in front of the mat too. We have just accepted this.

EllaKate 07-18-2021 05:07 PM

I bought a water bowl from "Hautedogs" for my english bulldog (a very messy drinker I might add). It has helped to cut down on the water all over the floor and him burping and vomiting up water.

It's about $25.

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