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hopeful10 04-18-2013 05:29 PM

End of the Year Craziness
As the end of the year is quikly approaching, 26 days left now, my 2nd grade students are starting to go crazy. I am sure this is a common thing, but being 7 months pregnant my patience is wearing thin. I'm not sure if it is the hormones or what. I use a clip chart to reinforce students' good behavior and pass out our school's PBS money too. It seems for some of my students, no matter what I do, nothing phases them. After the week my one student had (one of the things he did was stand on the urinal) I wrote a note home to his parents saying his behvaior did not earn him having cupcakes for his birthday at school tomorrow. I wrote we could try again for next week. After two students talked conitiuously while I taught throughout the day, I finally ran out of patience for asking them to stop when they talked, laughed, and shared pencils during a timed test. I gave them the stare and they saw me, but kept going. I finally walked up to their desks, took their papers off their desk, and ripped them up. I told them they both got 0's. The thing is it was really just a practice test and not a grade, which I told them. I told them they will not be so patient in 3rd grade and higher.

I am not sure what to do at this point. At times, I don't like the teacher I am right now. I think it is just because I am exhausted. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

tmar 04-19-2013 02:15 PM

Craziness here too!
It's all the same here! I had one fly a paper airplane AS WE ARE GETTING READY TO START OUR LAST DAY OF STATE TESTING! Another one decided to break another student's two pencils for no reason that she could give me. I'm just trying to remain calm and write their conduct cuts. I'm trying not to get frustrated but just remind them of the consequences and then move on.

ZipLine 04-20-2013 05:18 AM

Try Class Dojo with the kids for work time. I use it with my 5th graders and they love it! Maybe have them earn extra recess time by setting points goals.

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