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pinacolada 04-04-2019 03:55 PM

IEP moving to another state
We are currently in NJ and have been for a year because my husband had a temporary work assignment. We are going back home to CA in June. My sonís IEP is in April (in NJ). The district in CA said there is no need to do an assessment when he comes back home. That having been said, arenít they required to follow the IEP for x amount of days? Or does that not count because we will be moving back once the 2018-2019 school year has been completed?

Haley23 04-04-2019 04:15 PM

I'm not entirely following what you're saying. The NJ school is having an IEP meeting for your son this month? When he starts school next year, the CA school will get the IEP (I always appreciate when parents bring a copy to registration, vs. me having to request records from the previous school and waiting to receive them). They will choose to either accept the IEP as is, or write their own.

I'm not sure how much is state dependent, as I'm not in CA. Here, we have three days to make a decision after receiving the IEP. If we accept, we have to fill in paperwork transferring the IEP to us and the services from the previous IEP begin at our school. If we don't accept it, we have to state which services we'll be providing in the interim and then we have 30 days to complete our own new IEP for the child. We would only do a reevaluation (not sure if that's what you mean by assessment) if we thought the evaluation from the previous school was incorrect or incomplete in some way.

I'm not understanding the part about following the IEP for x amount of days. Obviously if you're not moving until the summer when school is out, your son is not going to get IEP services from CA until school starts next fall.

pinacolada 04-05-2019 06:16 AM

Yes, the NJ school will have the end of the year IEP on April 30. He will move back to CA on June 18 and if we decide to send him to school through the school district then he would start towards the end of August (schools in cali start in Aug).

I wanted to know if the school district in CA is required to follow whatever the IEP from NJ recommends for a certain amount of days.

His district in CA said we will meet in June/July just to go over the IEP (not reassess him).

SpedinTx 04-24-2019 10:49 AM

In most states they do not have to follow the IEP exactly if they hold a new IEP meeting. In TX we have 21 days once the student is enrolled to develop a new IEP. We do our best to accommodate the existing IEP but it is not always possible.

The new district will try to meet all of your child's needs. Your new district may surprise you and exceed the services you child previously had.

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