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jcm 09-20-2019 12:45 PM

Back To School Night Ideas
I was wondering if anyone had some cute ideas for the kids to leave for parents when they come visit for Back To School Night (parents only).

iteachk2010 09-20-2019 07:09 PM

We've been doing our Back to School Night before school starts for a while, but we used to do it several weeks after school started. When we did it that way, it was for parents only like yours.

I used to have my students do this fun activity. I asked the parents to send in one of their child's t-shirts for us to borrow for that night. The children slid the t-shirt over their chair. When I taught first grade, the children traced/cut out paper arms to tape inside the sleeves of the shirt. For kindergarten, I had them already cut out. The children made their faces using paper plates, wiggly eyes, yarn for hair, multicultural crayons for skin color... The plates were taped to the chair backs where the collar of the t-shirt was. The students positioned the hands to do different activities that they do in class like writing in a journal, reading a book, working with math manipulatives... So even though the students weren't there, their parents were able to see the kinds of things we did in our classroom.

Lakeside 09-21-2019 03:59 AM

parents' night
Oh, I love that!!

But if you don't have time for something elaborate (or might not get the participation level) I was going to suggest "clues to my desk" -

Have the kids fill out some directions to their desk, like:
Walk north two rows
Walk east three desks
Look for a __ on desk (have them leave a worksheet, drawing, pencil case...)

Or if you want something for them to take home, do fall decorations - paper bag pumpkins or owls (a la Ramona the Brave).

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