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Sirsubalot 01-19-2021 03:40 PM

Question about tax statement.
I got my tax statement for all three of my districts today, and I am wondering how the " Medicare wages and tips" section enters into the calculation.

I went through my work history for one district and I calculated that I earned $6403 since January 1st 2020. They have me earning $6487.54, which is close.

But when adding in the Medicare wages and tips, my total income comes out to $7228.50.

I thought that the Medicare and wages was part of our income that was deducted, but it is recorded as additional income that we are taxed on.

Is this supposed to be income recorded beyond what we earn that we are taxed on, or did the district report inaccurate information to the IRS?

Sirsubalot 01-19-2021 03:47 PM

According to my latest check, the medicare wages are deducted, so it appears I am being taxed on

more than an additional $800 beyond what I earned as gross pay.

I don't get it.

broomrider 01-20-2021 10:42 PM

this might help
Its a W2 explanation from a California educational entity, so hopefully close to what you've gotten.

You should be being taxed to Medicare on your gross pay by 1.45%.

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