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kmyager 09-09-2019 04:14 PM

Component 1 Study Guide

I have not yet registered for certification, but I'm looking to get a head start. The certification area will be early literacy. Has anyone found a helpful study guide for the component one test? I've seen a couple on Amazon, but the reviews are very mixed.


Zia 09-10-2019 05:02 AM

I do not recommend any of the books/flash cards on Amazon--they aren't worth the paper they're printed on. The standards and AAT are your study guide.

The only thing I recommend buying is Bobbie Faulkner's What Works! books. She is the NBs Goddess. Make sure you get the most current version.

FYI, you can DL component directions and begin working before registering or buying components. Procrastination is your enemy. And really, don't sweat C1 in September. Begin focusing on the classroom components, figure out which ones you will tackle this year, and get to work!

You'll find support here as you go through the process. Best luck.

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