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RealisticPreK 06-11-2018 04:22 PM

Misbehaving on cot at naptime
Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have a 3 year, 4 month old boy who lies quietly for everyone else, but for me he sits up, squeals, slaps the floor or wall and in general is not behaving as he knows he should.

The genesis of this is that I started at this center 2 weeks ago, and had a child who has some delays who would not settle down at nap. I was new, and she apparently acts out initially in all new situations. She acted out initially for the other teacher, as well. Anyway, that has gotten resolved, but this boy was in the cot next to hers, watched me being unable to get her to settle down, and has gotten into the habit of misbehaving at naptime only. The rest of the time he cooperates when I ask him to do things.

How would you handle?

I am trying to form a relationship with him as advised by the assistant director, but I just started that today and I'm not sure how well it will work. Ignoring isn't a good route because there's a second child also awake who just turned 3 and is noisy and a bit needy on the cot. I could get him to sleep were the first child lying quietly, as the just-turned-3 is more open to 'dickering' in the sense that I can promise him stuff or motivate him to lie quietly.

Anyway, any suggestions???

Snicklesnack 07-13-2019 07:25 AM

In my experience (17 years as an early childhood teacher and administrator), children who misbehave at nap time do so because they donít need a nap. Some kids just donít need the extra sleep that others need. Giving the child something quiet to do on the cot (books, small puzzles, etc) while others sleep makes a world of difference.

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