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Sirsubalot 05-30-2019 10:26 AM

Teacher just gave me $100
This one is under both the weird and the guilt file.

About a month ago I accepted an assignment that got cancelled.

I accepted the same assignment for today a few days ago.

It was with some reluctance that I kept this assignment, since I therefore could not accept a two day job at my closer and higher paying district.

I hated to cancel, even though I knew I now might not get a job now for tomorrow. I gave up a guaranteed $280 to avoid cancelling one $125 day.

When I arrived in the classroom this morning, the teacher was there.

She confirmed the job still existed. and I said I was relieved because last year when I walked into a class and the teacher said " May I help you", I lost $100 since the job was never cancelled in AESOP.

At about 10AM, the teacher returns and said her meeting was cancelled and she held out $100 for me to take. I told her this is not her fault and I could not accept it. She was friendly but insistent I take the money.

Even though this was an early release day where students get out at 1:30, they were going to give me only 40% pay. The office manager then acted like she was doing me a huge favor by bumping it to 50%

Most districts would just keep you at this point and pay 100%, and some schools in this district would find a way to keep you at 100%, but not this school.

Before I left, I was informed by the office manager and Principal that it appears a late sub was not showing up, and they said I might be able to take over a class and stay all day.

Before going to this class, I stopped by the original room to explain to the teacher that it appears I will be here all day after all, so I was ready to return her money. She still insisted I keep it.

Then the late sub arrived, so I went home after all, with 50% pay and $100 unearned dollars.

I do not feel right about this.

mooba1 05-30-2019 12:10 PM

You did the right thing by offering to give back the money, and being reluctant to accept it in the first place. Obviously this teacher wanted you to have the money, either to make up for the loss of the previous job, or because her meeting was cancelled and you were going to lose money again. Either way, it was a nice gesture.

Sometimes the universe gives you a gift. Be thankful for it and try to set those feelings of guilt aside.

SubMan 05-31-2019 05:45 AM

If you feel guilty accepting this gift you could always donate it. One district where I sub has early release Friday's for professional development. Sometimes subs are included, other times we are allowed to leave early (but still get paid for a full day). I donate the "extra" pay to student fund raisers.

Sublime 05-31-2019 06:48 PM

Yes, that is weird and uncomfortable!

lovetosub 06-03-2019 06:03 AM

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Are you saying that if a teacher or school cancels on you last minute, that you donít get paid? Thatís so wrong! In every district Iíve worked, if I show up for an assignment, and it is either cancelled at the last moment or was put into the system incorrectly, I still get paid for the time. Talk about being treated like a second class citizen! Your time is valuable, too. That is not only unfair, but might even violate workplace fairness laws.

Sirsubalot 06-04-2019 06:21 PM

The district only pays us 40% of the minimum pay rate which is $50, so when someone forgets to cancel a job, we pay the price.
I got a "generous" 50% from the office manager for leaving at 10 AM for a job ending at 1:30.

I have lost about $800 over 14 years due to others mistakes in this district.

pt2014js 06-10-2019 08:21 PM

Strange and beautiful
You were worth it, the teacher respected that. Cool
And don't forget if a job is totally cancelled there is "show up pay " as determined by FLSL Federal labor standards Law.

Strange and beautiful

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