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SG51 03-17-2019 04:08 PM

Lesson plan help... severe and profound class
Hi! So I just started my first year teaching in a severe and profound disabilities classroom. I started in January and am getting ready to have my formal observation done. Iím getting pretty nervous because Iím struggling to come up with a lesson to present to my observer. I know teachers in the past have done some sort of cooking lessons for their observations because I saw their papers in the classroom. Most of my studentsí goals are to use switch boards to communicate, exploring shapes and sizes, using manipulatives to listen to stories and understand vocabulary. Everything is pretty much hand over hand with them. Iím struggling with even just getting a starting point so I would appreciate the help. Most of the classes and lessons I did during college were for resource room so this is a big change for me.

TAOEP 03-17-2019 07:02 PM

I have never taught this sort of class, so my comments are based on more general principles.

I would not want to do anything really different for an observation lesson than I do normally. Two reasons--first, I want feedback on how my teaching is going. Not on how my teaching is when I go all out for one lesson. And second, if I do something that is totally unfamiliar to the class, the students may not respond predictably.

I'd suggest thinking about what you have been doing (is there a curriculum unit you have been working on--maybe signs of spring?). Then come up with a couple of activities that you and the class enjoy that will enable you to teach a little more about vocabulary and perhaps read a book. Be sure to include lots of opportunities for the students to practice their goals.

Look over the evaluation forms your observer will be using and be sure that your lesson hits the evaluation points.

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