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kahluablast 11-06-2020 05:40 AM

Hybrid health
I have my first committee meeting today to prepare procedures for (if) returning in person in January. Someone has already marked the floors with 6 feet spaced stickers, and doors have been marked for entrance and exits. Staff is working on remembering to use the correct doors so when kids return we will have more of a habit.

I still am concerned about things being wiped down in each building because frankly, I don't think it is being done! If it isn't being done while we have limited staff (and still the same amount of custodians) how will it be done when we have fuller buildings and need to clean all bathrooms and cafeterias?

Our plan as I know it is to figure out how kids will line up, get in to classes, do lunch and recess. That kind of thing. As a specials teacher who will be going to every class and probably doing lunch duty so teachers can have lunch, I am concerned. The other people on the committee are nurse and nurse aid, and office staff. Not a very well rounded committee.

ETA: I am looking for some of the considerations while hybrid that have been shared on PT and I can't find any of them! If you can share some of the posts or things others are doing, that would be super awesome!

MissESL 11-06-2020 08:53 AM

Middle School
We are hybrid and it is miraculously split about equally into thirds. We only have 30% of our kids in at once.
Our highest number tops out at 10.

So, some teachers taped spots six feet apart across the front and back of their room. One minute to the bell, students all go to their dot. The teacher sprays everything down. Bell rings and the kids leave. After al kids leave, the next group comes in and goes to their dot. One minute after the bell they may go to their seats.
Our passing periods have been made one minute to get kids from spot to spot quickly and in one way halls.
The solution we must spray cannot be wiped. It must dry and does actually dry in three minutes. So that is how we do it between classes.

Many teachers left double their desks, then alternate desks used by class. This means kids can come in and go straight to their seats. The teacher can sprayed ďusedĒ desks and theyíll be more than dry fur the next class.

One way halls are a big help.
Short passing periods urge kids along pretty quickly.
Staggered dismissals also help.
With those three things, it should be noted that our passing period really just says itís time to go to the next class...we arenít counting tardies. It just takes time for kids to traverse the one way halls.

Haley23 11-06-2020 10:17 AM

Disclaimer: We're now remote, but we were in person up until this week/about 10 weeks:

Our custodians have some cleaner that they carry around in little back packs and just constantly spray all day long. As someone who sees different small groups all day, I'm responsible for cleaning my room in between every group. I thought that sounded like a huge PITA and it honestly isn't that big of a deal. I spray the tables and chairs down before walking one group back, and then when I come back with the next group, I wipe off any remaining cleaner while the kids wash their hands. We're not doing shared supplies so I don't have to worry about those.

As far as spacing, our kids got really used to the direction "check your space." They spread out their arms to help them. We were told that only 3 feet is necessary for kids (we're supposed to be 6 feet from them), so it's not as big of a deal. Every classroom has spaced out dots on the floor for kids to line up on. We're also now doing whole class bathroom breaks so we can make sure there aren't multiple cohorts in the bathroom at once. There are spaced out dots in the hallway where kids sit and wait their turn.

We are using the cafeteria and playground. I honestly don't understand all of the schools having kids eating in classrooms- all together in one tiny room, unmasked. Not only does the teacher not get a break that way, but how unsafe for the teacher! We have plexiglass set up in the cafeteria and kids are spaced. Our lunch/recess used to be 40 minutes and now it's 35 to allow for cleaning between groups. We also have K eating at 10:30 and 6th eating at 1 something- not ideal, but still better than eating in classrooms, IMO. At recess, kids do not use the large play structures as we don't have time to clean them between each group.

Our specials teachers are assigned to one cohort for the entire quarter. So this past quarter, my cohort had the art teacher. Those kids went to art every single day. Then second quarter they go to a new special, 3rd quarter the next one, etc. This allowed specials to not cross cohorts. We are using the specials classrooms. Just like my room, they are sprayed inbetween each group. Kids wash their hands when they come in and when they leave, which also allows time for spraying/wiping to happen.

We were originally told that either the cohort was quarantined or the cohort was in person, and had that held, it would have worked perfectly. However, that's not what happened in practice at all. They got it to where really only one individual class was quarantined if there was an exposure. I totally understand the rationale behind wanting to keep the others in person if you can, but it was a nightmare for non-classroom teachers like me, who then had to deal with some of our kids being quarantined/remote and some being in person. Because the specials teacher was always exposed to whoever it was, she had to quarantine each and every time as well. Our P taught Art for a couple of weeks and then they finally got a dedicated daily sub just for specials. There was not rhyme or reason behind exposures/quarantines- we'd kind of assumed it would be heavier in the older grades and that's not what happened. In my 1st-2nd grade cohort, 3 of the 4 gen ed classes quarantined at some point. Our k and 5th-6th cohorts never had to quarantine, and only one class in the 3rd-4th cohort did.

arsabl 11-06-2020 06:54 PM

Itís encouraging to hear that not all districts are acting as careless as mine. Iím told over and over that there is no way to keep the kids apart. We have arrows in the hallway now but they are not right. They all go the same direction. How do I get back from the office? No route marked.

I could go on and on with the lack of safety measures.

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