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mhugs 07-11-2011 04:41 PM

Wilson Reading Pogram or
Project Read. I have been asked to work with a student over the summer who just turned 8. He is below grade level in reading and spelling, but is going on to 3rd grade in the fall. I am trained in Project Read but the parent said the Wilson Reading program was mentioned in the meeting. I'm not familiar with it. Thanks for any suggestions or opinions.

kickingcancer 10-13-2011 01:28 PM

Orton-Gillingham is a super program. You need to be trained in it. I don't know if your school is up for training you! It's one week long and costs $1,000. It's a phonemic multi-sensory approach to teaching phonics! Wilson is very similar. Wilson is usually used in grades 4 and above. It sounds like Orton would be the better of the two for you right now!

I'd also like to recommand a web-based program called Lexia Learning! I love it! It's assesment without testing technique! Look it up on-line! It's costs approx $1,000 for one licence but it's good for 3 years. Then it costs approx 300 to renew each additonal year!
The students take an auto-placement test. You can send home the download and they can play at home. You can watch on the internet to see how they are doing. The best part is that they have a ton of materials and lessons for you to use. When Lexia sees the student struggleing it will let you know and you print out that lesson! The goal of Lexia is to constantly close those gaps! It begins with K and goes through eighth grade. We love it!
I use it for my academic support students since that's what I teach. The students receive awards when they have completed a level.

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